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No matter, how much it hurts, failure is, and will always remain a significant part of an individual’s life. In fact, failure is the best teacher. Without experiencing failure, we would never experience compassion, empathy, benevolence, and great achievements. It is only through failures that we learn the greatest lessons of life.

Failures are the stepping stones to success. It is said that if you’ve not experienced failure, you’ve not really lived your life; because failures makes us strong, confident and get the best out of us.

The challenge is that we see failure differently— it is painful and causes emotional turmoil. But, those successful people who understand that failure is necessary in life, have bounced back from it.

How to stay motivated and focused?

Failing in life is a difficult situation to bear with, but not impossible to overcome, if you become aware of the source of your motivation then there will be no shortage of new motivating factors in life as it only needs little introspection. Those who never tasted the bitter pill called  failure can never be truly successful in their life.

Make a practical goal and stick to it

To stay motivated and focused one has to create a practical goal, that can be achieved and devise a reminder mechanism for yourself so that you don’t get distracted.

Keep good association

The key to stay motivated is the association of people you keep around; right people will never let you down and will always motivate you to bounce back.

Help people succeed who share common goal

Your individual goals will become easier from the day you link them to the larger organisational goals and vice versa. For example, if every department starts meeting their respective targets, the organisation will automatically achieve its goals.

Celebrate success

Small celebrations allows to rejuvenate and builds in positivity.

Stop comparing

Path to success is different for everybody, those who compare others success with theirs are more likely to get disheartened. If a marketing person starts comparing with the incentives given to sales team then he can’t stay happy or motivated for long.

Take time off

One has to take some time off for his/her daily routine and evaluate the work done to achieve their goals. The bird’s eye view approach will give a good idea on where you are heading and what needs to be done.

Read motivational books

If you read biographies of successful people from all over the world, you will notice that each one of them have first failed to cross the mountains before they achieved the heights of success. These books will help you to relate yourself with the successful people and will provide a solution to your ongoing issues. The best book to succeed in life is Shrimad Bhagavad Gita — the day you understand it and apply its learnings will be the day of your rebirth.

The writer is Dr Vivek Bindra, international motivational speaker, leadership consultant and CEO at Coach



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