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QUERY: I am Siddharth Verma, My date of birth is February 15, 1990. I have done post graduation in Political Science. Please suggest the best career options for me.

BHATT: You are an Aquarian, the element of your zodiac is water. Hence mundane careers will not appeal to you. You always like to stand apart from the crowd. You have an inner urge to be noticed. You should ideally seek professions and jobs where you are able to use own planning ability and sense of idealism.

As you are ‘The Water Bearer' you need to be intellectually engaged and stimulated by the work and work environment. You need to be able to apply the latest technology in your work, in order to be on the cutting edge of the profession. Hence, you cannot be happy compiling data or working on repetitive tasks!

You always like to be at ten miles ahead of everyone else in thinking; therefore, at office you require a space that allows you to practice independence of thought and encourage innovation.

Political activist: Your natural career choice would be to create havoc and unrest and to stir things up by being a an activist. You can measure the field of public opinion and help small or large communities achieve common goals. Constructive and practical, you work tirelessly to help balance budgets and give much-needed aid in education, the arts, and culture. You have a trustworthy demeanour and ability to be a good activist that evokes respect and support from your constituents Social activist: Water bearer Aquarians generally do not let things get to them too much emotionally,which works out really well inthis field.

Job of social activist is apt for you as your planet condition shows your entire life will be consumed by circulating petitions, writing politicians, and lobbying the government. This is your nature to care about others, but also want to keep a certain reserve.

Conceptual artist: Conceptual artistry involves being able to rationalise profusely the display of irrational things. Aquarius is the perfect person to discuss such work in an impressive way. With this type of art it's important to be able to talk a lot, use big words, and occasionally look disdainful and you have all these natural qualities.

Engineer/technician: Sun in Aquarius makes one happy and wealthy as a scholar or skilled man. Hence you have options to become an engineer, artisan & mechanic also. The beauty of this job is that you will be able to use own planning ability and sense of idealism.

Mediator: According to Vedic Astrology of all the signs in the zodiac, Aquarius is best suited to being an objective problem solver. They can work tirelessly on the behalf of others. Their go getter personality gives them the inner motivation to perceive things.

Astrologer: Aquarians are able to understand someone at a very deep level without any messy involvement. Hence, believe it or not, the Astrologer can be a perfect career for you. You can be a successful astrologist, astronomer. This profession bridges the gap between space and human being, a worthy career option for an Aquarius.

— Vinayak Bhatt is a cosmic counsellor at Vedic Grace and can be reached at either pavenues@yahoo.com and/or info@vedicgrace.com



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