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With the final exams just a couple of weeks away, we often see students struggling to complete multiple revisions of their entire syllabus to retain all concepts perfectly. But is good preparation just about completing the syllabus and revising the same thing hundred times over.

Here are some pointers that will guide students approach exams in a more confident manner.

Plan ahead: Many students follow last minute memorising techniques that helps them scrape through their exams. However, this does not ensure long term retention of the concepts studied. Think ahead and think sharp. Setting daily and weekly goals will result in a more productive and fruitful learning experience.

Get your basics right: It is always suggested to go back and re-learn the basics in order to get a better grasp of complex concepts. Getting the core concepts right should be the key step in your preparation process. Make sure you understand it thoroughly before you move to the advanced applications of that concept

Avoid rote memorisation: Concepts will never be retained well if they are not understood first. A lot of concepts like Sound & Force in Physics, Equations and Circles in Math, Atoms and Molecules in Chemistry repeat year after year. Every year, you will get to learn the next or advanced step if these concepts.  Understanding them thoroughly in the first year, will make learning them a cake walk in the coming years.

Smart time management: Effective time management is very important. Keeping in mind the large portions and multiple concepts can get tricky, hence divide the portions and dedicate set time for each subject. T

Visualise and learn: Visual aids are extremely effective. Revision will be easier while referring to a concise version of the syllabus in the form of charts and notes.

Discuss with friends: Discussing with your friends will not only help you track of your progress but also help clear doubts. Group studies are a great way to discuss and learn complex topics. Brainstorming sessions will give you a well-deserved break from your routine studies.

Eat healthy: Eating right food items at the right time and resting with a good night’s sleep can help students concentrate better and also increase the retention.

The write ris Divya Gokulnath, director and teacher at BYJU’S



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