Monster India, (www.monsterindia.com)  recently released its latest Monster Salary Index (MSI) highlighting the key aspects around gender. This index is complemented with the key findings from the second annual survey titled Women of India Inc.

The MSI data from 2017 indicates that the present gender pay gap in India stands at 20% where men earned a median gross hourly salary of Rs 231, in comparison, women earned only Rs 184.8. The gap has narrowed by about five percentage points from 24.8% in 2016 however, the good news ends here. The 2017 MSI data suggests that gender pay gap in India increases with work experience. While men with 0-2 years of experience earned 7.8% higher median wages than women, men with 6-10 years of experience, earned 15.3% more. Men with 11 and more years of experience earned 25% higher median wages than women. Interestingly, there is a marginally inverted pay gap in the experience group of 3-5 years, where women are earning more.

Top challenges for working women

  • Inadequate travel and transport facilities (41%)
  • Attitude of clients/distributors/vendors/ colleagues (33%)
  • Societal perception of women who work long hours (32%)
  • Not easily considered for top management roles (32%)
  • Not given responsibilities or promotions as per their calibre (29%)
  • Getting paid less for the same amount of work (27%)
  • Lack of proper childcare (20%)
  • Highlights
  • 69% employees of India Inc. feel that gender parity needs to be a top priority for their organisations; yet only 10% organisations have a robust gender diversity programme
  • 44% men confirm that they can be effective advocates for gender initiative programs at workplace; yet almost 80% women reveal that many men show support only in private
  • 32% women identified “not easily considered for top management roles” as one of the top challenges; only 13% men agree
  • 84% women consider safety as a key parameter while choosing a job, and lack of it as a top hindrance, however about only half (48%) of the organisations take care of women safety if they were leaving late from work


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