QUERY: My name is Sanchit Pokhriyal. The date of birth is June 18, 2000, I am inclined to pursue career in mass media. Is this option suitable for me as per my planet condition in astrology or is there any other best options in which I can make a successful career?

BHATT: Born on June 18 your zodiac sign is Gemini and element is air. Ruled by the Twins, you are smart enough to play double character.

You are clever and intellectual, but can also be restless and tense at the same time, That depends upon the situation. However, sometimes you seems to be affected with split personality.

Your ruling planet is mercury which showsthat you hate repetitive work, you will be incapable of staying in one place for long time. Hence will change job frequently in the beginning until you reach the desired goal.

You are unyielding in your determination. You have great power of endurance both physical and mental. You can pass through enormous strains of fatigue, hence the Mass Media course is apt for you. Career options best suited for you are:

Health Educator: You can become a Health Educator and teach people about productive activities to ensure optimal physical and mental health

Human Resource: A job in Human Resources is apt for you. You can find your niche here, as this profession require serving as a listening ear for disgruntled or confused employees.

Writer: Because Gemini understands the mind of the public so well, they can write copy that is very effective. Their agility with words is second to none. They are able to convey in a few well chosen-phrases, the essence of a product or an idea.

Gemini gets very caught up in the world of ideas and storytelling. You have an ear for conversation and gossip and will translate this into work. Hence, You can be a wonderful writer, and can engage the reader with a compelling voice.

You naturally have nose to news picking that means to go into every fine detail hence you are a born journalist and will want to get to the bottom of any story and will make a successful career in journalism.

Translator: You star shows you will be having sound knowledge of more than 2 languages. You may get the chance to settle in foreign country with this talent. You have a silver tongue and are very articulate, you have natural talent of translation in an artistic way.  You can work quickly and think fast which is very essential for pursuing career in this field.

Public Relations: You can do very well in Public Relation field as you are very manipulative and good at being the spokesperson. Making career in PR, brand promotion, ad agency is perfect for you.

— Vinayak Bhatt is a cosmic counsellor at Vedic Grace and can be reached at either pavenues@yahoo.com  and/or info@vedicgrace.com



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