The professional world is ever-changing, which means you need to keep sharpening your skills in order to showcase your talents for attaining better career opportunities for yourself. Those days are behind us when career recognition wasn't considered as important as job growth. The trend is changing, employee recognition and employee growth go hand in hand.

But the question that you must ask yourself is — if you are worth recognising at all? Everybody dreams of doing their MBA courses from the top institutes like the IIMs, but not everybody gets there. You need to make the cut by passing exams like CAT/MAT/CMAT/XAT with exceptional scores.

Nonetheless, Indian students have figured that the quickest way to growth and success comes by doing MBA. They have figured out MBA is what all companies ask for and give whopping packing for. Due to which the stats have shown a sudden increase in students opting for MBA degrees. In the competitive world, MBA qualification gives you an edge over those who fail to understand the need of the hour. As per the latest trends, MBA is the course in demand for 2018.

Government college, IIM Ahmedabad shows that the engineering students have shown great interest in MBA courses — about 79% (195 out of 247 students) (2005-2007) are from engineering background followed by Commerce students 14% (35 students) followed by Science students 5% (12 students) and management students count for 1% (2 students) only. Non - engineer candidates have increased by 3.5% since last 3 years i.e., 32% in 2017 -2019. This is also due to the decrease in the qualifying score for CAT (Common Aptitude Test) from 80% to 70% as earlier it was difficult to crack Quantitative and Data Interpretation.

Private colleges like, MDI Gurugram have shown that engineering students have shown greater interests in Management courses, almost 87% students with engineering background opted for MBA in 2015 to 2017, followed by 7% commerce students and 4% Arts students.

But the question remains: How to choose the best college?

As the college admissions have started everyone has one question: Which college should they choose which will offer them with the best course, the best placements, the best faculties and good hostel facilities?

We come across many sites which provide us with the answers but can they be trusted? Do the people who give the reviews are the real people?

The sites have all the same questions but the answers are not filtered, they are just given by any person who has heard of that college, or has a relative who studies there and so on.

But people want their answers to be answered by professionals or alumni's and work experienced/Graduates/Post - graduates. To reduce the vacuum, Youth4work is there, it is inclined towards uplifting the students' knowledge and skills. Youth4work provides you with the facilities of Skill profiling i.e. where you find 24,000-plus colleges and over 3 Million Students and Alumni's to guide you through the best colleges and address your doubts regarding them.

You will get directed towards the best colleges and the information available will be filtered by the colleges alumni's only. At  Youth4work, you can gain knowledge and will be facilitated with the platform to connect students and alumni's and get your questions answered if any.

The job is to provide you with true unbiased unaltered information. It works in communities which are available 24X7 to address you.

— The writer is Rachit Jain, founder-CEO, Youth4work.com



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