‘Aim’s to provide students flexibility’

‘Aim’s to provide students flexibility’

Vamsi Krishna tells PARTH TAYAL it is crucial for students set their pace for learning

What does this venture aim at?

It was way back in 2006, post graduating from IIT Bombay we started with offline classes just for the love of teaching and results of our students turned out to be great. We realised that teachers were teaching by chance and not by choice, so we came up with Vedantu so that more of passionate and quality teachers can come out and reach the larger scale.

What is the USP of the portal?

We are the leaders of online tutoring so we get the applications for the best teachers, so the quality of teaching is very high. Then the technology aspect is the biggest USP for our platform and apart from that we have a content team which synchronizes with the teachers to enable them pass out good teachings.

What is the target age group?

Our target age group is children between Classes VI to XII, which also cover competitive exams for students from science stream. Our special focus is emphasized on subjects like math’s and science.

What is the teacher vs student ratio?

We have two models, one is a one to one model where one teacher teaches one child, which would be 60 per cent of the secession and the second module is one to few in which one teacher teaches up to five to six students, with basic difference of price.

Why should one join your portal?

Personalisation is one of the core pillars since our average student vs children ratio is one to five, so it provide flexibility to the students to study at their own time convenience, avoiding the hectic caused in going to the tuition and then our portal provides the best teachers coming from all length and breadth of the country who are not just restricted to the metropolitan cities but also to the remote areas and vice-versa.

Courses for which your portal provides coaching.

Apart from providing tuitions for Classes VI to XII, we also provide coaching for Olympiads and JEE. Then we also provide co-curricular programmes as well like Android programming, Speed maths, Veydic maths and mental aptitude which will help in developing child’s reasoning skills.

What advantages does your portal offer?

The portal is a boon for both teachers as well as students, especially for teachers as  50 per cent of our teachers would not have been teachers if our portal wouldn’t have been there. From students aspect we provide safety, security, flexibility and best teachers from across the country.

How can such learning be useful as opposed to a classroom or private tuitions?

In classroom or tuition what’s taught is taught and is never repeated whereas we record our classes, which gives student a chance to learn at their own pace and also we provide flexibility in choosing time so a child a can learn at his own convenience.

What is the scope of starting Edutech start-ups in India?

India have the second largest population in the world so obliviously there is huge scope of starting a education tech startups, as the basic development of any country starts only when the youth is educated as it comprises the major work force.



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