Be a healthcare manager

Be a healthcare manager

Besides doctors and other paramedical staff, the healthcare industry today, looks for qualified and specialised healthcare management professionals who can handle administrative needs, says Dr Sanjiv Kumar

Gone are the days when a doctor had to manage the hospital and Out Patient Department (OPD). Now, is the era of multispecialty hospitals where doctors are busy with treating patients rather than spend time in administrative work of the hospital. With the rise in the number of multispecialty hospitals, doctors need to concentrate on their core skills and the management should be taken care of by hospital managers.

Hospital managers go through complexities of day-to-day working and strategic decision-making in the hospital. The demand for professional managers is high in the other healthcare institutions. They can take care of management aspects that will help doctors focus in clinical work and create conducive environment for them.

There is a dire need to train the managers with appropriate skills. There are diploma courses available which is accredited by National Board of Accreditation that makes it equivalent to MBA. The post graduate courses in Healthcare Management are nowadays gaining a lot of recognition among students owing to its many benefits and the widening scope. Some of the major benefits that these programmes bring in for the students are:

  • Training and certification open up career opportunities in diverse healthcare segments such as bio-pharmaceutical organisations, health insurance organisations, clinical research organisations, Government sectors, financial organisations, NGOs, and many others.
  • There is a high level of work satisfaction and remuneration in this industry. Also, you have the flexibility to work at varying locations, either in the non-urban communities or metropolitan cities.
  • Students gain practical knowledge about the nuances of what all is required to administer the healthcare facilities from a domestic as well as global perspective.


Some of the skills that are in focus in the preparation of healthcare managers are:

Interpersonal skills: The ability to interact well with the staff and clients is very important for a professional, and healthcare professionals are not exception of it. This is the prerequisite of success of any professionals. Some people believe that these skills are innate, but the reality is that with proper training and practice, these skills can also be developed.

Leadership skills: These skills include the ability to delegate authority, motivate others and communicate effectively. It helps the managers to take thoughtful decisions and in meeting the deadlines.

Analytical skills: These skills enable a professional to collect, scrutinise and analyse the information effectively. These skills are required in efficient decision-making. Students are engaged in research projects and given research-based assignments and dissertation.

Goal setting skills: Appropriate goal setting is very important for a professional. Prior to goal setting, all the resources must be analysed and then goals should be set accordingly. The success of the manager also depends on the extent of goals he achieves.

Entrepreneurial skills: The ability to take initiatives, grab new opportunities, risk taking abilities and decision-making in the uncertain situations are the key skills for a successful managers.  

In the current scenario, the scope of healthcare industry is tremendously widening, bringing in a large pool of opportunities in terms of employment. Besides the doctors and other paramedical staff, the healthcare industry today, looks forward to qualified and specialised healthcare management professionals who can handle the administrative and the management needs well.


The job profiles offered to healthcare management professionals involve management of the internal affairs of the hospital or medical institution. Being a professional in health care management, you also have to deal with critical management problems encountered by hospitals and other healthcare agencies and respond favorably to such adverse situations. Usually, these candidates are placed in community hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, outpatient clinics, and hospices with flexible work timings.

 Some of the other job roles that a person can get placed on, upon pursuing post graduation in Healthcare Management are as a hospital administrator, healthcare finance manager, medical director, HR recruiter, blood bank administrator, pharmaceutical project manager, etc.

Today, the healthcare industry has identified and realised the importance of management professionals and specialised administration staff for improving medical infrastructure and healthcare facilities. The trained professional develops diverse knowledge and understanding to holistic management of health/ hospital services. They are sought after by Government as well as the private/ corporate sector.

The writer is director, IIHMR Delhi.



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