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The basic stepping stone to a child’s education is his ability to read. Unfortunately,  this skill is not taught as effectively when it comes to primary Indian education in NDMC schools. Stones2Milestone, an organisation in the educational space, has, therefore, come up with the ReadVantage Programme — forming a curriculum that correctly teaches students how to to read and also enhances their love for reading.

“Teachers do not teach students how to read. They assume that they will understand what words sound like as they go along their education and go into higher classes.

This assumption is not correct and this indifference can change the entire prospect of reading for the student in his entire educational journey,” Aditi Mehta, curriculum head of Stones2Milestons, says.

At present, there are numerous English language learning courses, books, apps organisation offers in an integrated in-school programme with the help of Teach for India (TFI). The 47 volunteers will hold the course for each school year, and teach the students how to read, using the curriculum, books and training. provides them after years of experience and research. The TFI has provided graduates from top colleges to serve as full-time teachers to children from low income communities in some of the nation’s most under resourced Government schools. The project will be held for students from ages three to nine and will be provided free of charge to schools teaching under privileged. In the year 2017-18, the project is estimated to benefit up to 60 schools and over 5,300 children across Delhi-NCR, Jhansi, Baroda, Raipur, Bangalore and Mumbai.



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