flexi-workforce the new mantra


With the demand in the business environment becoming complex, there is a need for niche skills. Hence, organisations are opting to develop a more flexible workforce, says VIDUR GUPTA

The norms of business are changing as we move to an era of integrated workspace, where the constraint-laced lines between professionalism and personal freedom are diminishing. The millennials are driving themselves up to the task, pushing limits. The air is thick with competition and employers are increasingly turning towards contract staffing for special projects.

The maniacally evolving environment has made it critical for organisations to eschew adaptability and responsiveness to change as mantras for progress. As the business environment demands more complex and niche skills, organisations opt to develop a more flexible workforce.

Hence, rise of flexi-staff for rapid expansion in times of growth and for quick scaling back as needs wane. These enable organisations to cost-effectively manage workforce according to changes in demand while reducing the timeframe between requirements and creation of new jobs. It’s the flexibility in hiring that adds a breath of fresh life to stagnant operations, enhancing competitive strength. By keeping the focus on profit generation, organisations can streamline their operation to cull out certified results of profit and visibility.  Alongside, they have an uninhibited access to workers with specialised skills that would be instrumental for critical projects. This has created a demand for a mixed set of specialised skills, urging youngsters to learn and unlearn for their benefit. Finally, for SME’s, it’s a cost-effective alternative to test market waters and pick-n-choose from the choicest workforce available.

This opens up a great opportunity for go-getters to seize upon, working as a stepping-stone to start with utmost zeal. Working temporarily for various companies, on myriad projects provides is a brilliant way to build an enviable portfolio on the go, showcasing remarkable talents on diverse verticals. The onus of learning and bridging gap grows, creating an electric space for evolution of capabilities to happen. Temporary jobs offer an opportunity to job seekers to put their best foot forward, gain expertise and boost their resumes while realising their calling by trial and errors.

The lure of working with major brands on short-term projects is hard to resist. Millennials gain experience and add stellar back of such companies which are otherwise difficult to crack. They also find temporary work a reflection of their mindset — something that is highly satisfying and appeals to the free spirit. With a constant swing in priorities, millennial do something they find more enjoyable.

The recruitment of flexi staff with niche, specialised skills has witnessed a tremendous increase leading to a growth in acceptance and implementation. The fresh graduates and first-time job seekers account for a majority of flexi staffing employees at the moment, becoming a cesspool  that organisations are dipping their hand and Human Resource into. With time we shall see the demand growing as a new breed of empowered employees would rule the rooster, urging old timers to sit up and take notice.

The writer is director, Spectrum Talent Management



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