Forward looking 2018

Forward looking 2018

Pioneer Avenues lists trends that one can look forward to in this New Year

The digital route

As more and more organisations undertake the process of digital transformation to offer tech enabled products or services, IT roles and skills is undergoing radical shifts, something which we are already observing. This will affect the tech job scenario as we move into 2018. Following as some of the key job roles companies require as they transform their businesses and processes for the future:

Cybersecurity analyst: This individual will manage risk for organisations through use of relevant tools and techniques to gather vital end-point and network host data with the goal of identifying vulnerabilities.

Network engineer: This role will encompass coordinating between cloud and traditional networking resources to make a business’s communicate efficiently. They will need to know how to map technical network elements to a company’s business needs.

Vulnerability assessment manager: The role of a penetration tester has matured.  Today’s pen tester does more than hack a server or use fancy security tools. The tester takes a responsible approach and conducts strong, comprehensive tests to identify and correct and unacceptable risks.

Technical support specialist: The world needs more tech support specialists than ever before. Today’s tech support engineer helps manage increasingly complex issues involving data management, authentication and network troubleshooting.

Machine learning engineer: Machine learning use sophisticated programing like R and Python to develop AI machines and systems that can learn and apply knowledge to perform tasks. These professionals will also work with complex datasets and algorithms to convert machines to intelligent machines.

Network analysts: A growing number of things need to be connected in an efficient way, and that’s going to be a major driver of demand there. Network analysts in the coming years will combine technical skillsets with an understanding of how to apply it to provide real-time trending information on network traffic, and what those insights means for the business.

Cloud engineer: They will need to create solutions which are mix of multiple technologies.

— The writer is Pradipto Chakrabarty, Regional Director, CompTIA India

10% hike

Salaries in India are projected to rise 10% in 2018, according to the Q3 2017 Salary Budget Planning Report released by Willis Towers Watson, the leading global advisory, broking and solutions company. The report looks at a range of job grades across various industry sectors and is designed to provide companies with guidance for their annual salary forecasting for the year ahead.

Although salaries in India are seeing a decreasing pattern in the year-on-year salary increases, India’s projected salary for 2018 is still the highest in the Asia Pacific region.

The report highlights that executive salaries have plateaued and in some cases show a downward trend. However, in the mid-management level, the salary increase range is wide – from a 2-3% for average performers to 15% for top performers. The junior management salary increases will average around 10% but may have a wider range.

Among the industries covered in the report, the most notable projected salary increase is seen in the energy, FMCG and retail sectors. At 10.5%, these sectors are expected to do better than the overall projected salary of 10%. This is reflected in the focus on reforms in the renewable energy sector and convergence in online and offline in the retail sector. Whereas, the significant change in the projected salaries is expected in the pharmaceutical sector (from 11% in 2017 to 10.3% projected for 2018). Notably, at 9.1% the financial services is the only sector where the projected salary is less than the overall projection.

Watch out for

2018 will be a critical year to look at. A few HR trends to see this year:

Inside-Out instead of Outside-In: All HR practices are hinged on external market practices. We tend to benchmark every policy or program that we have or want to have. But the time to introspect is coming. So in 2018, organizations are likely to look inside, when it comes to understanding what practices will work in their context. Instead of the outside environment dictating its policies, organizations will focus on internal requirements that need the right kind of support.

Active and constant learning: Learning will no longer be a function of what is needed or when it is needed. It will no longer depend on when a specific training program is available. It depends on what the employee wants to learn and when. Learning will be more of an active, employee-driven process which is constant rather than as per a training calendar.

Personalised work arrangements: With a high level of diverse workforce, all organizations are looking to understand how they can create work arrangements that suit the employee’s needs and life-situation. This awareness will become higher in the coming year.

HR Chatbots: The time for HR Chatbots is coming soon. 2018 might be the year when this trend picks up! It could involve chatbots who guide employees on career moves or even do preliminary interviews. There are already portals which have chatbots that help people in their job search. So this is an HR technology trend that we are likely to see. 

— The writer is Achal Khanna, CEO, SHRM India

Top job options

Most of us are looking for jobs where one can end up getting a great pay cheque at the end of the month. Here are a few job options in the year 2018 where one can earn a great salary.

·         Professor

·         IT professional

·         App developer

·         Technical writer

·         SEO expert

·         Pilot

·         Social media manager

·         Doctor

·         Chartered Accountant

·         Relationship therapist

‘Looking for heterogeneous workforce’

Over all hiring volume in Indian manufacturing domain is anticipated to increase in 2018 but at a much slower pace. With the help of Make in India drive, India is on the path of becoming the hub for hi-tech manufacturing as global giants will either set up or are in process of setting up manufacturing plants in India. According to Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), the total FDI investments India received during April-June 2017 stood at $ 14.55 billion, indicating that Government's effort to improve ease of doing business and relaxation in FDI norms is yielding results showing a very positive impact on the hiring trend for 2018.

We would witness an initial transitional shift from designing the new organisation to actively building organisational ecosystems and networks. Organisations would purely focus on agility in its hiring process which is going to be pivotal in building the organisation of the future. Companies would initiate re-engineering process to replace structural hierarchies with networks of teams empowered to take action. The manufacturing setup would stop asking “For whom do you work?” and will get replaced by “With whom do you work?”

Looking out for right people for the right job and fitting them in the future organisational structure would be the number one priority. Organisation are now aware that recruiting cannot reach its optimal impact, nor can it help drive a firm’s “millennial mind-set,” if it views itself is in isolation, and hence, future of recruiting will view itself as part of the entire people/productivity process.

Organisation would look out for a heterogeneous workforce and would dominate the recruitment scene in 2018 — Diversity of hires, soft skills (psychological) assessment; innovative interviewing tools, recruiters would look out for candidates who all are “solution providers”. Creating a diverse and inclusive work environment is going to be the buzz of the day. It would go as far as looking out for candidates who have diversity in their thoughts and ideations to take organisation to the next level through Innovations.

Sources for quality hires would remain — Employee referrals, third-party websites or online job portals, and social professional networks but the tools to filter out candidate for the right fit in would become more methodical and scientific.

— The writer is Rajesh Tripathi,

 VP & head-HR, GHCL

Recruitment trends

Automation on the Rise: There’s a lot going on in terms of automation for HR and talent acquisition. Increasing advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have lead to smarter job hunting platforms, bolstered by presence of analytics, chatbots and more.

Focus on Social Recruitment: With the advent of tools like LinkedIn, it’s easier to post jobs on social networks, in turn increasing the reach.

Adaptation of Best Practices in marketing and PR: Services that can help businesses plan, execute and measure their strategies to ensure greater success are going to stand victorious.

Improving the Candidate Experience: Practices such as easier online application processes, streamlined mobile experiences and an investment in overall employer branding will cement the growth.

Changing Workforces Creating New Recruitment Challenges: Opting for a creative first point of view has worked in favour.

— The writer is Ashish Agarwal, founder, Worknrby, an online job portal




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