‘Indians are smart people’

‘Indians are smart people’

Mitsuyo Tamai tells Parth Tayal that children need to be a real assets so that they can contribute to the society

What is so different about Tamai method?

We have a system where children are not just restricted to a class; they can compete globally. A computer is provided to each child where evaluation of test is done on the basis of the correct answer and time taken to answer each question; it is after that a rank is given to the child based on the global competition.

Programmes on offer.

The most important is the Kiwami geometry. People tend to think that calculation is most important part, but according to me understanding of shapes really essential. Apart from that we also we teach soroban (Abacus) and robotic programme along with all subjects taught in schools.

How can your tuition help a low grader?

In our programme students will be learning more advanced  contents compared to what they learn in school, they will be crossing the boundaries made by the school curriculum and so it will be easy for them to excel in the class test, as they will be having advanced knowledge.

What targets do you keep in mind while teaching a child?

We want children to be a real assets so that they can contribute to the society, so our goal is so to enhance the confidence of the children and shift the focus from scoring just numbers to gaining more knowledge, making them to not just excel in school but in real life too.

What skills will a child attain by taking your classes?

At Kiwami, children are willing to study, kids are not pressurised to study. We have ICT movies which makes the learning process a fun activity, so the question is not what skills will a child attain, but the real question is what not.

Coaching timings.

Our coaching’s start right after the school gets over on the weekdays and on weekends it is from morning to evening and each class is of 45 minutes. Apart from that we are also looking forward to collaborate with different schools to introduce this new method.

What age group of children  are eligible for taking classes?

Our programme provide classes to children ranging between Classes IV-VIII. The reason is that the children who comes under this age group, there brain tends to develop more compared to Class IX students who are mature enough.

What are the challenges faced by the current education system?

We think in India parents are more focused on competition and grades, so they are very much obsessive about the rank, neglecting the main part i.e.; knowledge. Due to which child lacks confidence and becomes a book worm, so we believe our program can make the learning process a fun activity.

How can India benefit from ICT?

Indian people are very smart and they can capitalise on ICT based education in many fields. But the drawback lies in internet connectivity as ICT is based on Internet, but having said that the situation is changing and so is the connectivity and in coming years India can really capitalise on it.

Which types of educational bodies have shown keen interest to adopt ICT?

Both private and Government colleges have shown keen interest. We have received positive feedbacks not only from students but from teachers as well. The principals of many reputed schools like have praised our method too.



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