Learning the smart way

Learning the smart way

With the advent of technology, Internet penetration and increased adoption of smart devices the way children learn have started to change and this sector will see bigger changes in the coming years. There has been a shift in the way learning is approached by children, parents, teachers and institutions today.

In the recent years, the Indian edtech ecosystem has been using technology as an enabler. Here are few trends for the coming year.

Technology has played a key role in disrupting this sector and will continue to shape the teacher — student relationship by offering better accessibility, distribution and formats of delivery. It is only through technology that we can solve the three core issues of the Indian education sector at scale; issues being - access to quality education, effective learning and personalization. Also, tech enabled learning offers the scope of instant interactivity which further opens up the route for quality learning for students irrespective of their geographical location. The use of technology has already shown some early signs of the traditional classroom teaching model getting transformed into digital learning programs which is highly self-driven and backed by active learning

Innovative tech tools. We will see a host of innovative tech powered learning products being launched in the Indian market which will empower and promote better learning experiences right from the formative years. Children are primarily visual learners and explaining concepts with visual representations makes learning exciting and easier. Case in point, new technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will be playing a major role in making learning more of an immersive experience and extremely engaging. While both VR and AR are used extensively by the gaming industry, and early indications are that they can show great results in education too. AR and VR can engage students in a completely new way that is more fun and experiential. There are several companies working on technological innovations in this space; and that is a good sign of things to come

Personalised learning. The combined power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics will enable personalisation of learning based on size and style of learning of every student

— The writer is Divya Gokulnath,

Director at BYJU’S



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