‘Have quality, certified tutors’

‘Have quality, certified tutors’

MINAL ANAND tells PRAGYA MITTAL that their portal is unique as all their tutors go through a rigorous teacher scrutiny, proficiency test and a full background check

Tell us about the four-step rigorous teacher scrutiny process?

All our tutors undergo a four-step rigorous teacher scrutiny process including a Proficiency Test, an Online or Offline Interview with our team and a full background check conducted by our external partners.

The challenges in finding the right tutor for your child.

Finding a good tutor was never an easy task. Reliability, track record, safety and quality concerns have always left parents relying on word-of-mouth from other parents or scouring local newspapers and the Internet to find the right tutor for their children. Most of the time students will simply go to the tutors their other friends are using.

Thus, we are a unique digital integrated platform where students and parents can scout for tutors in their locality and make an informed choice based on past reviews and ratings for each tutor. Moreover, parents and students also get to rate and review the tutors based on their personal experience. This can help other parents scouting for tutors make an informed decision after going through the reviews and the ratings put up by people who have already learned from the tutor. We also allow parents to evaluate tutors through automatically recorded online sessions so that the feedback can be used to enhance the entire learning ecosystem.

What is the starting cost for registering with your portal?

There is no starting cost for registering with the portal. Registration is free. We further offers the option of tutors providing free demo classes (online and offline) to first-time students.

Do you provide teachers for preparation for entrance exams?

At present, we provide reliable tutor options for primary, secondary, higher secondary and undergraduate courses including CBSE, ICSE, GCSE and IB boards along with PSAT, SAT, GMAT and GRE. We will soon be including tutors for all other entrance exams too.

Are assignments same for all the students?

Each tutor can provide customised assignments based on their students’ board, course, subject and class. All assignments are proprietary to the tutors. They are shared only between the tutors and their students and are not made public.

How this platform is different from other platforms providing tutors?

We stand out from the pack because it is India’s first platform where one can pick quality-certified and user-rated tutors.

What is a better way to learn —home tuition/group tuition or online tuition?

There is no better way to learn. It all depends on the student and his or her learning ability and comfort with learning method.



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