New courses

Wednesday, 07 Feb 2018 | Team Viva

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed recently between Manav Rachna University (MRU) and Xebia, a Dutch-based specialised global IT Consultancy and Services Company. Under this collaboration, MRU will offer two new-age digital programmes— BTech in Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Data Science and Machine Learning and BTech in...

Jobs galore in e-currency

Wednesday, 07 Feb 2018 | Team Viva

Indeed, one of the largest job search portal, reports a material increase in not only the number of searches related to cryptocurrency, but also in the number of blockchain related job postings on the portal. In the six months to November 2017, the number of cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs posted...

Teacher evaluation report

Wednesday, 07 Feb 2018 | Team Viva

The British Council recently launched a publication showcasing the results of research recently conducted on teacher evaluation policies and practices in India. The research involved an analysis of current policies and tools, drawing on the experience and knowledge of representatives from over 20 organisations and Government agencies, all involved in...

IIT startups

Wednesday, 07 Feb 2018 | Team Viva

An Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras Alumnus has launched a non-profit Accelerator in the Bay Area (San Francisco, US) to provide mentorship, incubation and other necessary support to the budding entrepreneurs and to connect the IIT Alumni in the Silicon Valley. Called ‘IIT Startups,’ the accelerator has been founded...

CBSE tele-counselling

Wednesday, 07 Feb 2018 | Team Viva

For the 21st consecutive year, CBSE will be providing psychological counselling services to students at the time of preparation as well as during the examinations to overcome exam related stress. The Pre-Examination Psychological counselling for students and parents will begin from the February 1, 2018, and will continue up to...

Technology for empowerment

Wednesday, 07 Feb 2018 | Team Viva

In an effort to reposition public libraries into vibrant and inclusive knowledge spaces, Indian Public Library Movement (IPLM) launched its programme TEG — Technology for Empowering Girls/Women with the support from American Express. The initiative is executed by READ India in New Delhi at NDMC public library, Laxmibai Nagar. Aligned with...

A dream Weaving

Wednesday, 07 Feb 2018 | Dr Kulneet Suri

As the 7th fastest growing economy, India is making its presence felt globally. Within this framework is the textile industry that is on the rise offering plenty of lucrative options, says Dr Kulneet Suri The factuality that India prevails at the global scenario as the seventh growing economy is authentically nurtured...

‚ÄėHave a plan & follow it through‚Äô

Wednesday, 07 Feb 2018 | Aakash Chaudhry

With around 90 days left for the NEET Exam and Class XII Boards being round the corner too, Aakash Chaudhry lists what students need to do to crack the Biology section of one of the toughest medical exams Becoming a successful doctor is a dream of every medical student. To make...


Wednesday, 07 Feb 2018 | Team Viva

Learning agility is one of the most important leadership capabilities that one must have in order to be successful at running his or her business in today’s competitive environment. Learning agility by definition is the amalgamation of three important components — potential to learn, motivation to learn, and the adaptability...


Wednesday, 07 Feb 2018 | Team Viva

The University of South Florida (USF) has announced the launch of their third annual APJ Abdul Kalam PG Fellowship. The student award is open to an “exemplary” Indian student who has graduated from or is about to graduate from an Indian University and is seeking to pursue a PhD degree...



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Zuma’s downfall gives ANC a final chance

18 Feb 2018 | Gwynne Dyer

Now that Jacob Zuma has finally exited, the African National Congress, which has fallen a long way from its glory days, has one last chance to rebuild its reputation before next year’s election. Whether the ANC is the best bet for South Africans is a different question altogether As a passer-by in the upscale Johannesburg suburb of Saxonwold observed, the South African Police would never have raided the enormous, high-walled compound...

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Police recover illegal coal, seize five motorbikes

19 Feb 2018 | SURESH NIKHAR | Bokaro

A police team of Bokaro Thermal police station headed by inspector cum officer-in charge Parmeshwar Leyangi on Sunday morning conducted raids at Ganjutola in Armo forest area here and seized approx 2.5 tonnes of illegal coal along with their 4 motorcycles and 5 cycles,said Bokaro SP Kartik S...

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