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After 15 Years of Global Terror

After 15 Years of Global Terror

The Americans witnessed a new brand of horror on September 11, 2011. No one even ever thought that terrorism in the form of ‘jihadism’ which surfaced in the American soil on that fateful day will its legacy so far so away. Recounting the terror trail of one and half decade, we can safely say that terrorism and extremism have taken altogether a global form. It’s a great leap forward from the insurgents and rebels to the sophisticated terror armed with gizmos and gadgets with an all-pervading reach of the globe.

Most of these terror outfits and their followers are schooled in Islamic jihad. They find their common enemy either in the former imperial powers like America, Britain, France, Germany etc. or in countries like India, China, and Bangladesh wherein they launch a battle for establishing supremacy. Vowed to bring back the pure form of Sharia, these newly born jihadists targets the non-believers with extreme level of violence. Mainly the jihadists belong to Sunni Muslims like the dreaded Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Islamic State, Taliban etc. who also often launch mindless wars against their co-Muslims belonging to Shia community.

Will there be an end to this bloodshed against innocent civilians? Is it a sectarian clash? Is it an old war against the oppressor by the oppressed? Whatsoever it may be, jihadist terror has taken an international form. Besides, Islamic militancy has developed an institutional set up and today it is well-established with an inter-continental network. Therefore, a revamped global mechanism must be initiated to tackle the Islamists. Most importantly, the militants must be separated from the millions of ordinary Muslims who can be the most reliable force to fight the former from within.

Isolating the entire community can very well defeat the strategies to fight terror particularly in the advanced western nations. War against global terrorism is on. It must be pursued beyond religion and territoriality. Terrorists and extremists are enemies of humanity. We must take a pledge to fight this menace. Else the devil will engulf the entire world.



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