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Crime Capital

The killing of a 22-year old school teacher by her estranged lover on a busy street of North Delhi’s Burari area in broad day light shows how unsafe is Delhi for women. In fact, the stalker who was troubling the teacher for nearly a year had also lodged a complaint in the police station. But reaching a compromise between the family of the girl and the killer, the complaint was withdrawn later.

The stalking incidents in Delhi have been doubled since 2014 and it is great cause of concern for women in the city. This incident which took place in full view of public is more disturbing for all the Delhites.

Whatsoever may be the reasons behind her killing, such incidents must be noted seriously by the police and intelligence agencies. Why are we not doing enough for the safety of womenfolk in the city? Delhi has become a crime capital and it has the dubious record of heinous crimes against women from foreign countries as well. Every time it happens, we will cry for justice and the moment, it dies down, once again we will get back to our regular and busy life schedule. With urbanization, our cities are fast falling into the trap of numerous crimes and it is nothing new, as it is happening across the world.

But can it be an excuse for not checking mindless violence against women? It is time now, civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations, with the help of public, must raise awareness against such crimes. Police will have to be more vigilant, but public vigilance can prevent or minimize such incidents in the capital. The life of working women, in particular has become miserable. Therefore, safety of women, both within and outside the house must be taken care of. It is a part of public responsibility too, instead of leaving solely to the police and other security agencies. Let’s do it and make our women safe. 



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