Anti-Dengue and Malaria Day organised in Najafgarh

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South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) on Monday organised an 'Anti- Dengue and Malaria Day' in Najafgarh Zone to bring awareness against vector-borne diseases.

SDMC Mayor Kamaljeet Sehrawat requested people to render their co-operation in overcoming the challenge by taking certain easy precautions to stop breeding of mosquitoes.

She further asked the 'Department of Environment Management and Services' (DEMS) to focus on cleanliness and sanitation to stop occurrence of mosqitogenic conditions. "Dengue transmission occurs during the rainy season when the temperature and humidity are highly favorable to build-up in high mosquito density.  The mosquito bites in the day, leaving schools, teaching institutions and work places on high risk," she said.

A senior Corporation official said that the SDMC's public health department has intensified IEC (Information, Education and Communication) activities to check the menace.

Dengue and chikungunya are caused by bite of aedes agypti mosquito, which breeds in clear water, while anopheles mosquito, which causes malaria, can breed in both fresh and muddy water. Breeding of mosquitoes has been reported at 58,753 households in Delhi, according to the report.

A senior SDMC official said that the female Aedes mosquito, the vector that can spread chikungunya and dengue fever breeds in stagnant water only. If we keep water tanks, coolers, flower pots and utensils dry then it is easy to stop breeding and prevent disease.

"It has been decided to intensify checking of mosquitoes breeding at big establishments, institutions and offices.

“Wherever the breeding will be noticed an appropriate action will be taken. The public health cannot be overlooked hence, all possible steps will be taken to

prevent and control dengue and malaria," the official said.

The South Corporation has already issued 25 VIP Challan against defaulters including  MTNL Office, St Gregorias School  in Dwarka, Metro project Munirka, Bharti College, Rajdhani and Shiva Ji College, Sarvodaya School, Humayun Tomb, Nizamuddin and Central School of Sadik Nagar.

"Major construction sites have been identified and are under regular follow up to control mosquito breeding. A total of 107 challans and 432 notices have been served to construction sites allowing mosquito breeding or mosquitogenic condition. This year SDMC also initiated levying of administrative charges against violators allowing mosquito breeding.  573 violators have been imposed for administrative charges till date," the official said.



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