Ashok killed boy out of sexual frustration: Cops

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Investigations into the brutal murder of 7-year-old Pradyuman Thakur in the premises of Ryan International School have revealed that accused Ashok Kumar was sexually frustrated and his married life was not on an even keel.

For the last couple of months, Ashok also was not maintaining good health and this had affected his marital life, particularly the physical aspect, as a result of which he had increasingly become frustrated. Ashok has revealed in police custody, and that he was relieving his sexual desires in the toilet when suddenly the 7-year-old boy entered the toilet and he caught hold of him.

Sources said the accused tried to force himself upon the boy but failed as the boy raised an alarm, and consequently, Kumar pounced upon him and slit his throat twice in order to ensure that his act was not revealed.

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) has pieced together the entire sequence of the crime. Police have detained school gardener Harpal for questioning. "Harpal has been changing his statement and it appears that he was part of the crime, a police officer said.

According to the SIT officers, "On September 8, Pradyuman's father Varun dropped his children Pradyuman and Vidhi around 7.50 am. Ashok also came in the school bus from the second gate of the school almost at the same time and went to the toilet in the school, which was used by everyone. The two school boys were changing their Taekwando dress and they had noticed the conductor and they came out of the toilet. As Ashok was sexually frustrated, he went into the toilet and started masturbating, when Pradyuman came in the toilet to relieve himself, Ashok  grabbed him by impulse and  tried to have oral sex with him".

"When Pradyuman resisted his act and tried to raise an alarm, he slit his throat with the knife and killed him. The accused did not flee from the crime spot. When a school teacher told him to put Pradyuman inside the car, he picked him up", the officer said.

Meanwhile, the investigation team also claimed that one of the CCTV cameras spotted Ashok moving towards the toilet and during the probe, the two boys also identified Ashok that he was inside the toilet. The driver of the Bus Saurabh had also claimed that Ashok usually went inside the school washroom on several occasions and he cautioned from  using the washroom but he didn't pay heed to him.

Moreover, police team has now ruled out the presence of any other person in the toilet during the crime. The investigation team didn't find any evidence related with this neither in the toilet nor on the washroom window. The team also said it was not possible for someone to flee from the shattered window after committing the crime.

According to police, the acting school principal Neerja Batra will not be arrested as she had informed the higher authority of the school of many loopholes of the school but the authority didn't pay heed to her information.

"The police team has also noticed several faults on part of the school and are connecting all the available evidence with the crime scene, the officer added.

Police didn't pressurise Ashok to accept his crime. He confessed to his crime after being confronted with two school boys who had seen inside the toilet. The investigation in the case is underway and the chargesheet of the case will be produced in the court soon," Commissioner of Gurugram Police, Sandeep Khirwar said.



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