Baba Dixit hiding in Nepal?


Running more than 200-prison like ashrams across India, baba Virender Dev Dixit, accused of illegally keeping minor girls and women in his spiritual university "Adhyatmik Vishwa Vidyalaya" came to spotlight in 1998. Baba started his journey from his native town in Farrukhabad 20 years ago and made an empire in India with a base in Nepal.

While the investigating agencies continued to raid his ashrams for the seventh day, police sources said that they have input that baba Dixit is likely to be hiding in Nepal.

After the High Court ordered a raid on his ashram in Vijay Vihar last week, teams of Delhi Police accompanied by NGOs, DCW and advocate from the High Court had been going around rescuing women and minor girls trapped in these ashrams.

Following the first raid in Outer Delhi's Vijay Vihar area, where 168 women including 41 minor girls were found, the local police continuing the raids for three days managed to rescue all the 41 minor girls and handed them over to the Child Welfare Committee who allotted them to different homes in the national Capital.

A police officer, looking at the cases against baba Dixit said, "Virender Dev Dixit, who these female followers call "Bade Bhaiya" started out his monstrous acts in Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh. Born in the Kampil area of Farrukhabad district, Virender Dev Dixit or Kalu did his primary education in his native town following which he left for Ahmedabad in 1975 for higher studies."

The officer further said, "After a spat with his father, Virender was ousted from the house. It was only nine years after his father died that he came back. He had reportedly done a PhD and in connivance with the people whom he gave lectures, he was able to get hold of his Farrukhabad house which he converted into an ashram. Years later, when Virender went to Ahmedabad where he got fascinated with the Brahamkumari, he started following her."

Talking about the incident which led Virender to start his own spiritual ashram, the officer said, "It was only when he tried to sneak into Brahamkumari's room post midnight that her guards threw him out of the premises. Scornful, Virender thought of starting his own ashram. This plan materialised when he met one Pushpa with whom he started the Vijay Vihar Adhyatmik ashram.

In Delhi, Virender along with Pushpa and her daughter Kamla started running the ashrams which they had opened. Imitating the Brahamkumaris, Virender too started giving out spiritual lessons and tried to lure people.

"Emulating the headquarters set up by Brahamkumaris, Virender too set up his main ashram in Mount Abu in Rajasthan. After which, he also set up his abode in Nepal.

To handle the scores of ashrams which had been sprouting all over Delhi, Haryana,

Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, after Pushpa died, Virender made one Deepak Thomas as his second command," added the officer.

The officer said that it was Thomas who made decisions related to finances, donations received from followers and the money spent on building more and more ashrams. On the other hand, Thomas' wife was the one who solely handed how the women and minor girls would be handled. Right from deciding where they were stay to how they will go to where the baba called them, Thomas's wife looked after the logistics of handling the women inmates. 



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