City has adequate stocks of medicines: Health Min

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Underlining the worsening situation of the vector-borne disease like dengue, chikungunya, malaria and swine flu, Delhi Health Minister Satyender Jain on Thursday assured that the city was "fully stocked" with the medicines and the people need not to get panic.

He said while there were 28,702 cases of dengue in the country, Delhi had treated 365 cases including 180 outsiders. The cases of Malaria in the country are 18466 while Delhi treated 365, chikungunya cases treated in Delhi are 246 with 96 outsiders and the swine flu cases reported across the country are 16,565 cases with deaths while Delhi reported 1,088 cases of which 199 are outsiders. However, the number of deaths due to swine flu in Delhi was zero.

The Minister was reading the statistics provided by the municipal reports till August 5 to the media at Delhi Assembly on Thursday. The dengue cases were the maximum in the last month with around 117 numbers reported in the city.

"We appeal to the people that they should not panic. We have stocked up medicines across the Government hospitals and the administration is adequately equipped to handle any situation," Jain said.

He also stressed that the percentage of patients succumbing to swine flu in other States such as Gujarat and Maharashtra was much higher compared to Delhi.

"In case of swine flu (H1N1), only C-category patients who are at high-risk need to take medical test. We have stocked sufficient medicine and also have the required number of beds to handle inflow of patients," he said while addressing media on the sideline of the ongoing monsoon session at his office.

He advised that people to take basic precautions and mentioned that awareness was created in schools also. He said people should not rush for hospitalisation without consulting doctors and that the Government was in talks with the private hospitals across the city in preparations for better treatment to patients suffering these diseases.

"We have changed the category of swine flu medicine so that any registered chemist shop can sell it on prescription of a doctor, unlike before when it was difficult to procure it. Also, in case the private hospitals fall short of the medicine, they would be provided with the stock by the Government hospitals which have full stock," Jain added.

The Minister also said that the Government would carry out an awareness campaign for prevention of vector-borne disease.

The season for the vector-borne diseases started in the beginning of July as cases of these diseases were reported across the country with the monsoon arrival. Dengue and chikungunya are caused by aedes agypti mosquito, which breeds in clear water.

Anopheles mosquito, which causes malaria, can breed in both fresh and muddy water. According to the report, breeding of mosquitoes has been reported at 80,411 households in Delhi.

The Government has banned over-the-counter sale of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and brufen as their use may "pose a threat" to dengue and chikungunya patients.



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