Man booked for indulging in obscene acts in bus

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In a shocking incident, a middle aged man has indulged in obscene acts in a moving DTC bus and tried to molest a third year Delhi University student sitting right next to him when she protested in South Delhi’s Vasant Vihar area. The student, who filmed the entire act, has lodged an FIR with police after posting the video on social media.

The student told The Pioneer how despite being surrounded by seven to eight co-passengers, nobody, including woman, came forward to help her. To add to the woes of the student, she was made to wait inside the Vasant Vihar police station for close to six hours.

The incident happened on February 7 around 2.30 pm when she had boarded bus no 774. The girl said, “I was sitting on the window seat. A man, sitting next to me, started shaking the seat. What I saw next was the man was masturbating. He even tried to touch my waist with his elbow  inappropriately. I was shocked. I made a video of the entire act. When I called out to a fellow woman, she plainly said, “Acha”.”

The student further said, “After that incident, I was really scared and was in a state of shock. It was only when I narrated the incident to a college friend after two days that she encouraged me to post the video on Twitter. It was then that I mustered up the courage to come out and speak about the incident.”

The girl finally decided to approach the Vasant Vihar Police Station on Saturday. She said that the police were supportive, but took almost six hours to register an FIR. “I really want that person to be arrested as soon as possible. It is high time that women must stand up for themselves,” she said.

Additional DCP (South-West) Monika Bhardwaj denied any delay and said that the FIR was registered within an hour of her complaint. “We have the suspect’s photo and are making all efforts to identify him,” she said, adding that a case under Sections pertaining to obscene acts and sexual harassment has been registered.

DCW chief Swati Jai Hind has stated, “I saw her shocking tweet and the act caught on video was too sick. I immediately ensured registration of her FIR. Worst is no 2one in bus came to her aid. This man is a danger to society and should be given strong punishment!”



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