SDMC inducts 12 Suction-cum-Jetting machines

| | New Delhi

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has commissioned 12 “Suction-cum-Jetting” machines, which will reduce the civic body dependency on the human labours, employed to enter the gutter and clogged drains in unhygienic and inhumane conditions for cleaning it at the risk of their life and health.

The move is considered important as despite the ban on manual scavenging in India, many cases of deaths were reported in the national capital last year due to manual scavenging.

A senior SDMC official said that these machines have the tank capacity of 8000 liters and divided into separate fresh water tank and sludge tank. “The official said the machines have been deployed to clean the drainage network that often gets clogged with household waste, garbage and construction debris. The storm water drains that get choked during monsoon will be cleared soon to avoid water logging that is also a source of mosquitos breeding,” he said.

 It will ensure smooth flow of water and non accumulation of filthy water, sludge, slurry by cleaning choked drains this season,” he said.  

SDMC Commissioner Dr Puneet Kumar Goel said that the civic body is in possession of four such machines which are unable to suffice the requirements hence the corporation procured 12 advanced featured ‘Suction cum Jetting machines’ at the cost of Rs. 6.43 Crore. With this move, the number of machines has gone up to 16, he said.

The Commissioner said that each zone will be provided three machines whereas another four machines will be stationed at SDMC headquarter to tackle the urgent requirements during heavy rain and thunderstorms. 

Goel also said that the machine being a single truck unit will be able to enter narrow roads and lanes to carry out flushing and de-chocking action. He also announced that the machines are fitted with all safety features during work like pressure regulating and pressure relief valves for ensuring work safety.

Explaining features of the machines, Goel said that the jetting pressure is used for flushing and de-chocking of drains and culverts to ensure smooth flow whereas suction effect is meant for an immediate relief during rains and also for the purpose of sucking slurry/sludge from the drains even during regular activity.



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