Vehicular numbers surges to 1.08 cr

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Delhi continues to witness exponential increase in both human migration and vehicular population. The ever increasing number of road users competing for limited road space on a crowded road network poses a major challenge for safe management of traffic on Delhi roads. Delhi’s population has increased by four fold from 43 lakh in 1971 to nearly 205 lakh in 2017. Correspondingly the vehicular population has witnessed a massive growth from 2.17 lakh in 1971 to 1.08 crore in 2017.

Talking about traffic scenario in the national Capital, Special Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Dependra Pathak said, “The differential rate of increased vehicle population and road length has resulted in highly increased vehicle density. In addition to this a large number of vehicles criss -cross Delhi from the neighbouring States which also impacts the traffic flow”.

“Our area of focus is regulation of traffic and enforcing the law to maintain discipline on the roads. “A total of 60,10,772 challans were issued by the Delhi Traffic Police in 2017, with the police collecting Rs 94.25 crore. The statistics also showed a minor decline of 0.9 per cent in the fatal accidents that was attributed to the measures like suitable deployment of night checking cum patrolling parties by the traffic police, analysis of accidents, etc”, Pathak said. Delhi Traffic Police  has been employing a multi-pronged approach to deal with the traffic menace in the national capital.

Talking about how the city police will man the streets in 2018, Pathak said, “Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) will be implemented by the Delhi Traffic Police to provide technology based traffic solutions and enforcement to improve mobility, discipline and safety on roads.”

Major features of ITMS include- optimised real time traffic signal control, surveillance camera to check behavior and violations committed by people driving, variable message sign board and centralised command and control centre.

The ITMS will be an intelligent system with a capability of Dynamic Control of Traffic Signals by managing signal cycle times using Central Computer Algorithm. A comprehensive ITMS proposal worth Rs 441 crores has been prepared and sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs. part of the system include- New Signals or Blinkers, Gantry Mounted Speed Check day and night camera.

Pathak said that they have sent a proposal for 108 gantry mounted cameras. To curb crime against traffic police personnel and record a traffic violation, we are currently using 200 Body Worn Cameras. 800 more such cameras are to be procured in near future,” said Pathak.

“We have managed to bring down the number of fatalities on the city roads. Delhi has recorded 1,505 deaths in road accidents in 2017 as compared to 1,530 deaths in 2016 in the same time period, the traffic police chief said that they have identified 108 accident prone spots in Delhi”, adding that the Delhi Traffic Police has adopted measures to ease traffic congestion. “Closure of cuts to ensure uninterrupted and smooth flow of traffic, re working the road markings and signals and constructing slip road” are some of our focus areas he added.  



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