Archana Jyoti

Less than zealous medical fraternity

Tuesday, 23 May 2017 | Archana Jyoti | in Oped

The Pradhan Mantri Surakhshit Matritva Abhiyan is a unique project to save the lives of pregnant women in the country's rural areas. Unfortunately, not many private doctors and allied specialists are registering for the scheme If implemented earnestly and obstetricians/radiologists/physicians in the private sector show care, compassion and commitment to provide...

Opportunities galore for disabled

Tuesday, 25 Apr 2017 | Archana Jyoti | in Oped

The Government must strive to provide support to the persons with disabilities by launching high-growth ventures, and creating employment opportunities. As a first step, it must revive Arunim, which works for their recognition Once hailed as first-of-its-kind ‘marketing board’ for products made by the disabled from across the country, eight-year-old Association...

Triple talaq must face the axe, and soon

Friday, 24 Mar 2017 | Archana Jyoti | in Big Story

The Centre’s unambiguous position favouring discontinuation of the biased practice is a good signal for gender non-discrimination Should triple talaq, an Islamic practice where a man can unilaterally divorce his wife by saying the Arabic word for divorce, three times in quick succession, be banned? Needless to say, the writing on...

Giving the agents of change their due

Tuesday, 07 Mar 2017 | Archana Jyoti | in Oped

The NDA has the required numbers in Lok Sabha to pass the women’s reservation Bill. In Rajya Sabha, it will get Opposition support. Why the delay, then? When over 6,000 women sarpanchas from across the country gather at Gujarat's Gandhinagar to attend a national conference on Women's International Day on...

Enforcing rights of the divyangs

Tuesday, 31 Jan 2017 | Archana Jyoti | in Oped

The rights enshrined in our Constitution for the disabled must be implemented by Government agencies across the country. The Rights of Persons with Disability Bill 2016, should remove hurdles in realising the goal The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) which is facing flak for turning down appointment of a differently abled man...

Move beyond quick-fix solutions

Tuesday, 24 Jan 2017 | Archana Jyoti | in Oped

Villagers in Andhra Pradesh, who have been affected by mysterious kidney ailments, deserve more that just pensions. For immediate relief, the Government must ensure safe drinking water and regulate the use of agro-chemicals Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu’s recent announcement to dole out pension under the physically handicapped category...

Affordable coronary care in the offing

Thursday, 12 Jan 2017 | Archana Jyoti | in Oped

The Government's nod to the inclusion of coronary stents under price control list has evoked mixed reactions. Price and quality must be ensured After much deliberation and constant pressure from healthcare activists and despite protests from the pharma industry, the department of pharmaceutical under the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilisers notified...

Enforcing rights of the disabled

Friday, 30 Dec 2016 | Archana Jyoti | in Oped

The benefits and rights envisaged in the Persons with Disabilities Bill, 2016, must trickle down to the beneficiaries. The physically-challenged have waited and been discriminated against for long. The Government must not let them down Sminu Jindal, managing director, Jindal SAW Ltd, and founder of the NGO, Svayam, which works to...

Action plan needed to control pollution

Tuesday, 15 Nov 2016 | Archana Jyoti | in Oped

The Government should not offer complex reasons to justify the rising levels of toxic air in Delhi. It is time now to save a generation of children from this menace Unmindful of the heavy smog that had literally left her gasping for breath for the past few days, my eight-year-old niece...

Not enough to say ‘Tobacco kills’

Monday, 07 Nov 2016 | Archana Jyoti | in Oped

Keeping in mind the dichotomy that the tobacco industry is caught in (both in giving livelihood to millions of people and also taking away precious lives), there's a larger issue that needs to be fixed. A middle ground is needed Just as the six-day global anti-tobacco conference opens on Monday in...


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