KK Srivastava

Of Poets and Their Musings

Saturday, 06 Jan 2018 | KK Srivastava | in Oped

There is dearth neither of literary festivals nor of anthologies in India and several other countries. However, authors, not their works, hog these festivals on many occasions. Consequently, several anthologies in the last decade and half are trivial, mainly because these are guided more by personal preferences of the compilers...

Gorakhpur waiting for a new dawn

Saturday, 20 May 2017 | KK Srivastava | in Oped

“The sadness is, that every leaf has fallen before…” Allen Ginsberg in his book KADDISH AND OTHER POEMS Writing this piece, I am aware that societies struggling to come to proper shape thrive on assumptions regulating these societies. And with the job in hand, I will go with the assumptions even naÔve...


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