Sudhansu R Das

Banking on people’s welfare is the key

Friday, 15 Dec 2017 | Sudhansu R Das | in Oped

To facilitate smooth business, banks must excel in maintaining a balance between providing credit and promoting social good. This alone will bring transparency and improve living standards As per Section 22 of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949, banks, while doing business, have to serve public interest and they should not do...

Towards bad loan resolution

Monday, 06 Nov 2017 | Sudhansu R Das | in Oped

Mounting NPAs have been a cause of concern for a long time. To accelerate recoveries, small yet tough measures must be taken to strengthen the internal workings of banks and make them accountable When credit does not perform to create economic assets and surplus income for borrowers, it becomes non-performing assets...

Re-defining roles for banking sector

Tuesday, 05 Sep 2017 | Sudhansu R Das | in Oped

Banks in the country thrive on people's surplus income. Both, the banks and the Government, must understand each other’s work and function independently India’s gross non-performing assets (GNPA) ratio of the banking sector reached an alarming high of 9.6 per cent and the stressed advances ratio crawled up to 12 per...

Converging on human issues

Thursday, 17 Aug 2017 | Sudhansu R Das | in Oped

It’s high time for the political class to come together and work on issues surrounding human development instead of throwing tirades at one another Indian leaders are not only famous for their vote-bank skills and dramatics, but they also entertain the voters with their tirades, expressed through their interesting poetic simile....

Poor state of majestic craftsmanship

Tuesday, 01 Aug 2017 | Sudhansu R Das | in Oped

The ancient art of Indian handloom clothes and its fineness used to be legendary. It is time the current Government saves which the British Raj left in tatters. Nobody has tried to pick up the pieces to save this traditional art and business The art of weaving in India is as...

Gomata now centre of attention in Bihar

Monday, 19 Jun 2017 | Sudhansu R Das | in Oped

Nitish Kumar’s political move of building mega gaushalas has once again pointed out that superficial concern for bovines is proving to be detrimental for both the breed and the breeder essential to agriculture and dairy production Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has discovered his love for cows. He is planning to...

Giving the tribals in India a fair chance

Tuesday, 30 May 2017 | Sudhansu R Das | in Oped

It is a sad reality that despite having immense talent in various fields, our tribals remain neglected and marginalised. The tribal belt of India is, in fact, the treasure trove of sports talent which can even fulfill India's Olympic dream Over the years, tribals in India have immensely contributed in the...

More than policy for NPA woes

Monday, 08 May 2017 | Sudhansu R Das | in Oped

Public Sector Banks hold a lot of potential and the trust of the countrymen, for the most part; what it needs is diligent monitoring and stricter policies for loan defaulters which will further boost the morale of the hard-working class The Union Government’s decision to formulate a non-performing asset (NPAs) resolution...

Addressing rural India’s misery

Tuesday, 18 Apr 2017 | Sudhansu R Das | in Oped

The vicious cycle of bad loans can only be broken by supporting farmers in ways other than to provide them with credit. Expunging middlemen, empowering village families, increasing animal husbandry are some Growing bad loans in banks indicate that all is not well in our economy. If entrepreneurship does not generate...

Rising NPAs, threat to economy

Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017 | Sudhansu R Das | in Oped

Let people gain self-employment and be their own masters. The non-performing assets crisis will automatically dissolve when the governance mechanism thus improves. Of course, those who erred must be punished Taming India’s bad loan crisis is like taming the Amazonian wild. Recapitalisation, re-schedulement of loan, one-time settlement, engaging financial analysts in...


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