A Prabaharan

India’s diplomatic victories

Monday, 23 Apr 2018 | A Prabaharan | in Edit

It is but natural for a divisive polity and diverse society such as India to villainise the head of the nation. But Modi has weathered all political storms and has come clean to ensure the success of his vision I don’t have any love for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But as...

A similar tale of the two titans

Tuesday, 29 Aug 2017 | A Prabaharan | in Oped

Ratan Tata and Narayan Murthy, the two mega stars of the Indian IT industry have failed to fathom the fundamental rule of business building and retaining Both, the Tata group of companies and Infosys — the two darling business groups of India — have been in the news in recent times...

Making the best out of a great relationship

Tuesday, 18 Jul 2017 | A Prabaharan | in Oped

If India can separate its security threats from appeasement of religious forces, like Israel has done, it can definitely end the terror menace on its soil. The politics of minority appeasement must be pushed into the backyard, or finished for good Nearly after 70 years of independence, an Indian Prime Minister...

Improving India’s image abroad

Monday, 13 Jun 2016 | A Prabaharan | in Oped

Those who criticise Modi for his foreign visits ignore the fact that sitting idle does not make a good Prime Minister. Through his visits, he not only garners support for India's battle against terrorism but also strengthens image abroad One may love Prime Minister Narendra Modi or hate him. But none...

Holding on to the top job in Chennai

Monday, 30 May 2016 | A Prabaharan | in Oped

Jayalalithaa’s win in Tamil Nadu was not at all easy. She deployed all sorts of strategies including, of course, freebies, to retain her post, writes A PRABAHARAN When psephologists undertook the election prediction exercise in four States and one Union Territory, all were clear except Tamil Nadu. The reason for ambiguity...


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