Ajoy Kumar

Aadhaar and PDS: Another implementation disaster

Friday, 05 Jan 2018 | Ajoy Kumar | in Edit

Linking of the Public Distribution System with Aadhaar is a textbook example of how implementation of schemes remain riddled with issues. The Government must pay heed By now, the heartbreaking death of Santoshi Kumari, an 11-year old resident of Karimati village in Jharkhand, has been well reported in the news across...

Police reforms: No takers even after all these years

Friday, 22 Dec 2017 | Ajoy Kumar | in Edit

It is extremely upsetting that despite many committees and court directives calling for the need to implement police reforms, political will is lacking In my last piece in The Pioneer, I had commented on some of the issues with the policing system in India and how, though there are structural issues...

Police reforms: How to change from within

Friday, 08 Dec 2017 | Ajoy Kumar | in Edit

For the police system to improve, the country does not require any massive structural reforms or a huge legislative effort. Small yet concerted efforts will suffice Last fortnight, I had written a piece on the status of undertrials in India for The Pioneer. In the column, I had proposed certain changes...

Trials and tribulations of undertrials in India

Friday, 24 Nov 2017 | Ajoy Kumar | in Edit

The essential aim of any theory of punishment is, or should be, to reduce crime in society. We are failing as a nation to address this issue Justice delayed is justice denied,” is an old English adage which rings just as true today. For some like Machang Lalung, who spent 54...


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