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Vulture politics and Amit Shah phobia

Wednesday, 24 Jan 2018 | Anirban Ganguly | in Edit

That Shah has consistently, resolutely and without reserve displayed a firm unwillingness and refusal to be co-opted by the cabal is his gravest ‘crime’ The left illiberal cabal, the Congress leadership (especially the current “high command”), directionless and ideologically bereft communists, five-star activists who raise funds in the name of relief...

Kashmir narratives that nail the difference - II

Thursday, 11 Jan 2018 | Anirban Ganguly | in Edit

Jagmohan’s seven-point agenda to reinvent the State of Jammu & Kashmir is being implemented by a promising helmsman in Narendra Modi and that is a cause for great hope for the nation In his seven-point programme delineated in the 12th edition of his seminal work on Jammu & Kashmir (My Frozen...

Kashmir narratives that nail the difference - I

Wednesday, 10 Jan 2018 | Anirban Ganguly | in Edit

P Chidambaram is behaving like the buccaneer of a sinking ship, indulging in sophistry on Jammu & Kashmir; in contrast, the erudite Jagmohan is still working on solutions It is interesting to observe how some out of work and out of season politicians gradually lose grip of their mind and their...

New narrative for a civilisational India

Wednesday, 27 Dec 2017 | Anirban Ganguly | in Edit

The political and intellectual struggle for a new India narrative is deriving mutual strength, which poses a formidable challenge to those who wish to thwart the legacy of the ‘great ideals of Indian culture' Five hundred years hence”, wrote the philosopher historian Ananda Coomaraswamy in one of his most celebrated expressions...

Peddling falsehoods in Gujarat campaign

Wednesday, 13 Dec 2017 | Anirban Ganguly | in Edit

In a couple of days, the Gujarat election result will bring to fore the benefits of trench warfare and expose a bunch of unnch people and their haute couture logic Around the time when the habitually foul-mouthed Mani Shankar Aiyar was having dinner with some of his unnch friends at his...

Rahul's Somnath visit is a gimmick

Wednesday, 29 Nov 2017 | Anirban Ganguly | in Edit

Will the Congress president-elect now accept that Nehru's opposition to rebuilding the Somnath Temple was misplaced? Rahul Gandhi who had once declared that those who worship in temples molest women, will, it has been reported, launch his campaign for the Gujarat assembly poll from sacred and eternal temple town of Somnath....

Friend of India, Sister to Indians

Wednesday, 01 Nov 2017 | Anirban Ganguly | in Edit

On the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of Sister Nivedita, it is worth reflecting and meditating upon the spirit and manner in which she identified with civilisational India A civilisation, people who deliberately or through oversight weaken its collective memory can never really perpetuate and defend its civilisational identity. It...

The other Kumarakom: CPI(M)’s violent backwater

Wednesday, 18 Oct 2017 | Anirban Ganguly | in Edit

Kumarakom, Kerala’s paradise, symbolises ‘God's own country' for many visitors. On the flip side, however, it is also ground zero for communist-backed political violence and intimidation The Jana Raksha Yatra held in protest against the Communist Party of India Marxist’s or CPI(M)’s politics of violence and death has evoked a resounding...

Jan Raksha Yatra: Big blow to Left’s legacy of violence

Friday, 13 Oct 2017 | Anirban Ganguly | in Edit

The BJP’s Jan Raksha Yatra is a blow to communist violence in Kerala. Equations are fast changing. Large number of people have come out to oppose the culture of political violence practiced by the CPI(M) Fifty two-year-old CK Ramachandran, an auto driver and a prominent face of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh...

Failing the tests of political leadership

Saturday, 07 Oct 2017 | Anirban Ganguly | in Edit

While Rahul Gandhi and his party thrive on the politics of hate and appeasement, he himself has become a political separatist who pretends to be a liberator of India. In short, he is an impostor The first part of my column on Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s imbecile interview to World...


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