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Education reforms: Bed of thorns

Tuesday, 17 Apr 2018 | CB Sharma | in Oped

Change or innovation in the education sector should not be introduced in hurry. Change impacts a large number of students and if it is not well thought out, it may lead to negative disruption. Examination reforms should be debated and considered well before being introduced Our girls have made the country...

Testing times for the CBSE

Tuesday, 03 Apr 2018 | CB Sharma | in Oped

There has been a rising chorus demanding the sacking of the CBSE chief. Yes, she must be sacked! For, she tried to sweep a system clean which has been nurturing mafias Question paper leaks are not uncommon — it happens almost every year in India and also abroad. However, the...

Challenge of public school education

Tuesday, 20 Mar 2018 | CB Sharma | in Oped

Positive outcomes have been registered in the education sector but the need is to bridge the class divide which reflects in the quality of education Public education in every nation has a pivotal role as the cost of education is completely or in some cases, mostly borne by the Government. On...

Learning better in mother tongue

Tuesday, 06 Mar 2018 | CB Sharma | in Oped

Mother-tongue based primary education should be our priority for better schooling results. It is unfortunate that while resources are available, the will is lacking Saving our mother tongue should not be taken as a linguists' romance but as the most important national agenda. An understanding, that all must learn and speak...

Much ado about nothing

Monday, 19 Feb 2018 | CB Sharma | in Oped

The HRD Ministry’s fellowship scheme is lucrative but will not help it emerge as the leader in the education sector. Several issues remain to be addressed The Ministry of Human Resource Development has announced a very attractive Prime Minister Fellowship scheme for 1,000 present or former BTech and MTech/MSc students of...

Correcting a misguided education policy

Monday, 22 Jan 2018 | CB Sharma | in Oped

The Government is spot on in reconsidering the no-detention policy in schools. Education is, perhaps, the most difficult sector in terms of introducing reforms. Nevertheless, Javadekar must be ready to face opposition to this pro-nation, pro-children reform Children studying in elementary classes could go up to class VIII even if they...

Higher education: Reform or perish

Friday, 05 Jan 2018 | CB Sharma | in Oped

India’s higher education is at a crossroads. On the one hand, universities are becoming ‘localised’; on the other, private institutions are benchmarking themselves against the best in the world As more and more people get educated and...

Is Javadekar the Indian Humboldt?

Monday, 25 Dec 2017 | CB Sharma | in Oped

Wilhelm von Humboldt, a lesser known but an impactful education philosopher of Prussia, can be considered as the architect of modern German education. Even though he did not obtain many university degrees, but was instrumental in infusing long-lasting changes, popularly known as the Humboldtian education, which hugely influenced the education...

Distance education: A lonely endeavour

Monday, 11 Dec 2017 | CB Sharma | in Oped

Given the many merits of distance education, which helps develop a learning society, it is disheartening that institutions have have been directionless in providing quality education. It is time to bridge the gap in distance learning Distance education was born in Europe but flourished mostly in Asian and African countries. This...

There is no quick fix in education

Thursday, 30 Nov 2017 | CB Sharma | in Edit

Governments tend to set milestones and then tom-tom their achievements on reaching them. This approach does not work in the education sector Governments, often after coming to power and before going for elections, get restless to show results, obviously for political reasons. We often hear of Governments declaring achievements in 100...


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