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Practical lessons in spirituality

Sunday, 17 Sep 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Spirituality

Events of the recent past indicate that India is gradually becoming unmanageable. It is not just about the chaos at Panchkula, or mob lynching or even violent attacks on the media. There are many incidents indicating weakening of the state apparatus. The media, that was earlier looking over the other...

The Lonely Children

Sunday, 10 Sep 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Spirituality

Robots, it is now being feared, will replace humans at workplace. Why only at workplace, they will replace humans everywhere, even in families. A very appropriate depiction of this was given in the popular movie Robot in which Rajnikanth’s lookalike robot falls in love with the leading lady, Aishwarya Rai. Already...


Sunday, 03 Sep 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Spirituality

For the religious minded, the Supreme Court is of course the court of the Lord that takes decisions depending on the merits of the case, supposedly delivering what a person deserves. Then there is the ultimate day, the day of the judgement that decides the final fate. Referred differently as...

The gullibility quotient

Sunday, 27 Aug 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Spirituality

You can fool all the people some of the time, some people all the time, but not all the people all the time.” This was what Abraham Lincoln thought would ensure probity and fairness in society and act as a check and balance over those who unscrupulously tried to achieve...

For a corruption free India

Sunday, 20 Aug 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Spirituality

It was in the month of August in the year 1942 that the “Quit India” slogan was chanted by the nation asking the British to leave India. The slogan had charged the entire country and five years later the British actually quit India. It is in the same month of...

A citizen’s mann ki baat

Sunday, 13 Aug 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Spirituality

This Independence Day, the Indian democracy will turn 70, certainly a long period to carry out a SWOT analysis. Looking back, we seem to have come a long way from where we started on the midnight of August 15, 1947. As India awoke to freedom, there were promises and expectations,...

Of unethical consumption

Sunday, 06 Aug 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Spirituality

Believe it or not, but the problems of humanity are mounting. It is not a pessimistic outlook but sound realistic observation. While there is turmoil all around, mankind is not willing to read the writing on the wall. Temperatures increasing, oceans rising, and glaciers melting are just one part of...

The business of happiness

Sunday, 30 Jul 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Spirituality

Is happiness the next big idea? This is the question that may be cropping up in the minds of many as happiness has suddenly changed a hypothetical construct to be realised cognitively to a tangible product to be bought and sold. Ever since the then king of Bhutan gave the...

Law, ethics and justice

Sunday, 23 Jul 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Spirituality

Justice delayed is justice denied, goes the popular clichť. But what about justice misplaced? Higher judiciary has time and again expressed concern at the misuse of the Criminal Procedure Code by clever operators to settle scores, intimidate adversaries, take undue advantage and even corner unpliable Government functionaries. These are times...

The deadliest sin

Sunday, 16 Jul 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Spirituality

Mahatma Gandhi talked about seven social sins in his weekly newspaper Young India on October 22, 1925. Those seven sins were wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, religion without sacrifice and politics without principles. While all these sins are the curse...


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