Pramod Pathak

Dharma and adharma

Sunday, 19 Nov 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Spirituality

Dharma and adharma are essentially about the right and the wrong and often drawing a line between the two is difficult. People often justify their wrong deeds on situational or circumstantial predicaments. But it has to be remembered that right is right and wrong is wrong, circumstances notwithstanding. In the...

The integrity pledge

Sunday, 12 Nov 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Spirituality

Vigilance Awareness Week is an attempt by the Central Vigilance Commission to promote integrity and probity in public life and make people understand how corruption is eating at the roots of the Indian society and how to combat it. It is quite some time now since we have been observing...

The toughest thing to digest

Sunday, 05 Nov 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Spirituality

What is the toughest thing to digest? Well the answer to this question may not come from even the most competent of the dieticians. Who, then, will give the answer? Only someone who has studied psychology may do it. If guesses so far have not yielded any cogent answer, here...

The Mind Body Connect

Sunday, 29 Oct 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Spirituality

Medical researchers are suggesting more and more about the relationship between the mind and the body. It is now almost settled that health and physical well-being is to a significant extent dependent on the impact of the mind on the body. It has been established that a large number of...

The Indian school

Sunday, 22 Oct 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Spirituality

The common refrain in India these days is that the millennials have lost connect with their sanskars, the Indian value system. Well, it may be about the conventional generation gap where each generation wears a holier than thou attitude. But, that apart, there is a bigger question. It is about...

The virtuous leadership

Sunday, 15 Oct 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Spirituality

These are the times of virtual reality where surrealism rules. Naturally, talking about virtuous reality may appear totally out of sync. But is it really so? Given the crisis of the present times and the decline in the values of people in leadership positions, there is a need to revisit...

The three lettered problem

Sunday, 08 Oct 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Spirituality

Philosophers, theologists, and religious preachers have all tried to ponder over the problem of evil without any convincing conclusion. The problem of evil has existed since times immemorial and many of the misdeeds of the evil-doers may sound eerily contemporary. The conception of time in Hindu religious thought talks about...

Revisiting Gandhi

Sunday, 01 Oct 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Spirituality

As we prepare for one more Gandhi birth anniversary tomorrow, one question crops up — has he become irrelevant? Many, of course, would want us to believe that Gandhi was never relevant, while there are many others who think his ideas are now impractical. Even otherwise, Gandhi is not in...

Ethics and the attorney

Sunday, 24 Sep 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Spirituality

Even as the courts and Governments are expressing concern about the mounting cases, the reality is that misuse of law has become rampant, with innocent citizens becoming victims. There was a time when ignorance was blamed for all this. The assumption that little knowledge is dangerous has given way to...

Practical lessons in spirituality

Sunday, 17 Sep 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Spirituality

Events of the recent past indicate that India is gradually becoming unmanageable. It is not just about the chaos at Panchkula, or mob lynching or even violent attacks on the media. There are many incidents indicating weakening of the state apparatus. The media, that was earlier looking over the other...


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