Rinku Ghosh

Indian soft power impacts China

Wednesday, 18 Apr 2018 | Rinku Ghosh | in Edit

India and China share a filmy connection and New Delhi should work to leverage this phenomenon. Soft power may not resolve differences but will make a difference As India and China struggle to find a new language to connect over geo-politics, the latest Indian film Hindi Medium has won over the...

Do our Smart Cities need micro models?

Saturday, 24 Feb 2018 | Rinku Ghosh | in Edit

With the Government’s Smart City mission yet to pick up the desired momentum, a case in point of on-ground efficiency is that of Jaipur’s independent and localised approach Suddenly the word “smart” doesn’t seem quite apt in the urban lexicon when it comes to developing cities in Southeast and South Asia,...

Menstrual hygiene not about celebrityhood

Saturday, 10 Feb 2018 | Rinku Ghosh | in Edit

Use of sanitary napkins is still dismal — around 20 per cent in a country where menstrual hygiene needs more believable, doable and affordable solutions There’s no denying that the nation is waking up to the Padman challenge, what with actor Akshay Kumar turning into an onscreen social crusader and Aamir...

Time to do business with dharma in mind

Saturday, 27 Jan 2018 | Rinku Ghosh | in Edit

We need to reset our priorities and enhance the nation’s GDP by inclusive power and resource-sharing, not by denial and elimination It’s a “time’s up” moment of a different kind. On our 69th Republic Day, almost heading into the years of being a benevolent and self-fulfilled elder easing into Vanprastha, we...

LGBTQ: Perceptions on discrimination

Saturday, 13 Jan 2018 | Rinku Ghosh | in Edit

Decriminalisation of the LGBTQ community would be just half the battle won. The real struggle is to stop discrimination against them and start mainstreaming them into the workforce While the Supreme Court reviews Section 377, two developments over the last few days seemed to drown the activism of semantics around it...

2017: When hashtag put on a thinking cap

Saturday, 30 Dec 2017 | Rinku Ghosh | in Edit

Hashtag activism was perhaps the most dominant component this year not only for women, who took to the social media in protest, but also for online conversation that is impacting thinking in the real world Now that the initiators of the #MeToo campaign have been named as “people of the year”...

Why metaphors become truths

Monday, 04 Dec 2017 | Rinku Ghosh | in Edit

Revisiting Padmavati’s story in contemporary cinema gives her an earthly persona and detailing that fall far short of the reverence she has commanded. Hence the row Years ago, on a visit to Fatehpur Sikri, an ASI guide had put things in perspective while pointing out to the Jodhabai Mahal or the...

Balancing valid concerns

Thursday, 30 Nov 2017 | Rinku Ghosh | in Oped

The Supreme Court has walked a fine line on the Hadiya case with a delicacy of logic and reasoning. It can be trusted to ensure our Constitutional rights Here is a 24-year-old educated woman, pursuing a degree in homeopathy, who says she has embraced Islam and married a Muslim man of...

‚ÄėChild sexual abuse is a national epidemic‚Äô

Monday, 11 Sep 2017 | Rinku Ghosh | in Oped

Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi is launching his Bharat Yatra today to galvanise the biggest ever social movement for tougher laws for protecting a generation against violence. Awareness, laws and a united sense of purpose are priority at a time where a child is not even safe in a school toilet While...


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