Satish Kumar

Idea of India from Kashmir to Kerala: Role of RSS

Saturday, 04 Nov 2017 | Satish Kumar | in Oped

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), with its more than fifty thousand shakhas spread across the country, is propagating the idea of India, but the idea has been distorted and maligned by the liberal-secular set-up over the years. Of several accomplishments of the RSS, Kashmir and Kerala are two best examples. It...

Doklam resolution: Departure from reluctant foreign policy

Saturday, 30 Sep 2017 | Satish Kumar | in Oped

There has been consistency in India’s foreign policy — with a steady focus on neighbourhood — since Prime Minister Narendra Modi chose Bhutan for his first foreign visit in June 2014. Modi is carrying forward the foreign policy of the Vajpayee regime. We all remember that the then NDA Government had...

Time to break China-Pak’s anti-India nexus

Saturday, 09 Sep 2017 | Satish Kumar | in Oped

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s recent assertion that India’s image in the world is changing seems to have come true with the Narendra Modi-led Government successfully breaking the Doklam impasse in India’s favour. During the 73 days of stand-off, India displayed rare courage by not succumbing to pressure mounted by overbearing...

RSS chief: CPM’s nightmare

Saturday, 19 Aug 2017 | Satish Kumar | in Oped

A lot of heat was generated when RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat unfurled Tiranga in a Government-aided school in Kerala. There are many unpleasant happenings in Kerala in the last few years. The spate of political violence in Kunnur district narrates the brutalities of the Red. The ISIS threat is also...

How to clip dragon’s imperial wings

Saturday, 15 Jul 2017 | Satish Kumar | in Oped

China’s repeated calls for the withdrawal of Indian troops from the vantage point of India-Bhutan-China tri-junction expose its restlessness. Surprisingly, Beijing reminded New Delhi to respect the Panchsheel Agreement. Nothing could be more whimsical than hearing the words of Panchsheel from the country which gave a damn about it in...

Modi plays hardball in shifting Af dynamics

Saturday, 17 Jun 2017 | Satish Kumar | in Oped

Now, the Trump Administration is sending up to 5,000 more troops to Afghanistan in addition to the 8,400 Americans who are already there... This change of strategy in the US policy-making has not been made without active lobbying of Indian leadership The city of Kabul is looking like a city of...

Modi’s right approach to Sri Lanka policy

Saturday, 27 May 2017 | Satish Kumar | in Oped

India is very keen to weave its ties with Sri Lanka without munching too much on China factor. India is also not interested in inviting any other superpower to rein in China. The retreat of seven decades could not be corrected in three years. But three years of Modi’s foreign...

Rudalis of JNU maligning Baba Saheb

Saturday, 06 May 2017 | Satish Kumar | in Oped

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) has been in news for the last couple of years. Sloganeering and poster display against the nation were repeatedly orchestrated. The administrative block near the Vice Chancellor’s office has been converted into August Karnti Marg: every evening a section of students belonging to the Leftist organisations...

Ambedkar’s Tibet concerns and Chinese threat

Saturday, 15 Apr 2017 | Satish Kumar | in Oped

While addressing the students of Lucknow University in 1951, BR Ambedkar had said, “India has failed to develop a strong foreign policy. Tibet has been garrisoned by China; it will have long-term threat to India.” This statement of Baba Saheb is still relevant. The recent visit of the Dalai Lama...


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