Saurabh Kumar

Chinese media: Reading the tea leaves

Saturday, 18 Mar 2017 | Saurabh Kumar | in Oped

A short comment carried by the influential Chinese daily, the Global Times (Chinese edition: Huan Qiu Shi Bao) the day before merits attention for the clues it can provide to China’s current stance towards India. Full translation: Indian Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar recently visited Beijing for what was billed as a...

Supping with China: The challenge of verbiage

Saturday, 09 May 2015 | Saurabh Kumar | in Oped

Prime Minister Modi's visit to China next week is an opportunity for both nations to step back from the beaten track. A ‘strategic resetting’ of ties would be in the long term interest of both countries. New situations unfolding in their common neighbourhood on their West bring common dangers from...

Resetting India-China ties: Fear not disruptive newthink

Saturday, 07 Feb 2015 | Saurabh Kumar | in Oped

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s invocation of the idea of ‘thinking out of the box’ during her visit to China has struck the right note at the right place at the right time in the right manner. A bilaterally impelled ‘reset’ of India-China ties is the need of the hour....

China as lynchpin on Indian strategic firmament

Saturday, 06 Dec 2014 | Saurabh Kumar | in Oped

Chinese and Indian reassessments of their fortunes, in the light of the fast-changing configurations on the global chessboard, will determine the contours of the overall India-China relationship Once the key link is grasped, everything else falls into place”. So goes a Chinese saying much invoked in China in the mid-1970s (in...

Logic of strategy in India-China ‘developmental ties’

Saturday, 08 Nov 2014 | Saurabh Kumar | in Oped

With the Chinese, one has to “walk on two legs”, to borrow their own metaphor — think big as well as small; think outside the box as well as within it; think abstract but also tangibly; Track II in addition to Track I A “developmental partnership” was agreed upon during the...

Reading the tea leaves beyond border brinkmanship

Saturday, 25 Oct 2014 | Saurabh Kumar | in Oped

The Chinese President’s visit was handled deftly, but ‘advantage in’ can easily turn into ‘advantage out’ as a result of freewheeling and out-of-turn remarks magnified by a free and voluble media, particularly digital media thriving on sound bite sensationalism above all Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit attracted considerable attention in the...

Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam: Translation infrastructure in focus

Saturday, 11 Oct 2014 | Saurabh Kumar | in Oped

The apprehensions of those who doubt or wonder whether it would be ‘functional’ for our leaders to conduct their dialogues with their foreign counterparts in Hindi are unfounded After the summary scan of the recent round of the Prime Minister’s foreign interactions (September 27 & October 4, Saturday Special Op-Ed), the...

Waltz over, focus shifts to institutional capacities

Saturday, 04 Oct 2014 | Saurabh Kumar | in Oped

Modi diving into Swachchh Bharat mission after whirlwind trip to the US is metaphorical of the Herculean task of clearing cobwebs from Augean stables of Govt’s decision-making machinery A whirlwind tour across the world behind him — an eminently successful one by any standard — Prime Minister Modi has his tasks...

Waltzing on the world stage

Saturday, 27 Sep 2014 | Saurabh Kumar | in Oped

Self-styled spokespersons would bear in mind that the big idea in India-US relations is geo-economics, not geo-politics. Loose talk of alliances in front of the camera at the slightest provocation, instead of remaining responsibly reticent, can unwittingly undermine ‘strategic orchestration' of a considered narrative and do immense disservice to the...

Beneficial bilateralism in Modi-Jinping talks

Saturday, 20 Sep 2014 | Saurabh Kumar | in Oped

The first public feting of a visiting Chinese leader since the halcyon times of Zhou Enlai's maiden visit of 1954 was pitched just right — genial, and gracious, but by no means euphoric or even unduly effusive — in keeping with the current forward looking mood in the country but...