Ridiculous hypocrisy of dissent at play

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Ridiculous hypocrisy of dissent at play

The real hero is not Gurmehar Kaur but Pooja, Pathankot martyr Lance Naik Moolraj’s brave daughter

Not long ago, the proposed one-day token ban on a television channel, for airing live coverage and giving out strategically sensitive information of the Pathankot airbase attack, had evoked a hue  and cry, with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, calling the ban “shocking and unprecedented”. What is shocking is the Gandhi scion’s amnesic memory, given that between 2005 and 2013, during the Congress-led UPA’s reign, 21 channels were taken off air, on at least 28 occasions. Equally hypocritical is the reaction from media bodies, terming the NDA Government’s proposed action as a reminder of the infamous Emergency of 1975.

The likes of this television channel, dying remnants of Leftist ideology and large sections of a defunct Indian National Congress that have never missed an opportunity to vilify the Modi Government, would do well to note this is 2017 and not 1975, when Indira Gandhi passed the 38th Amendment which prohibited judicial review of the Emergency and the 39th Amendment which gave her, as Prime Minister, absolute power to ignore the courts. She used the two amendments with impunity to nullify the verdict of electoral malpractices against her, in a judgement of Justice, Jagmohan Lal Sinha of the Allahabad High Court. Amnesty International noted that at least 1,10,000 people were summarily jailed by Indira Gandhi under the draconian Misa (Maintenance of Internal Security Act), of which purportedly 70,000 were Sikhs. What’s more, Misa was placed under the 9th Schedule, giving it judicial immunity. Indira Gandhi thereby gifted herself a carte blanche to suspend civil and personal liberties, make a mockery of Article 19 of the Constitution, turn the President into a puppet and carry out an estimated 11 million forced sterilisations, in the most gruesome display of barbarism.

What is laughable, thus, is the Leftist-liberal, pseudo-secular brigade’s selective outrage on issues. While copious tears are shed on Rohith Vemula — and rightfully so there is not even a crocodile tear for Sachin Gopalan of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), who was hacked to death, or the scores of RSS and Right-wing activists who have been killed in Opposition-ruled States like Kerala, over the last decade.

Chanting “Bharat Mata ki jai” is being fascist; condemning Burhan Wani, a dreaded Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist, is being insensitive; the hanging of Yakub Memon, one of the perpetrators of the Mumbai terror attack that killed hundreds, is a travesty of justice; asking Teesta Setalvad, who reportedly used public money for private pleasures, is being vindictive; continuing with Afspa in disturbed areas is being arrogant; using pellet guns on treacherous jihadis and their backers, who pelt stones at our soldiers when the latter are in the midst of a fierce battle with terrorists, is being brutal; doing surya namaskar in schools is being communal; standing up for triple talaq victims, is being anti-minorities; and questioning Gurmehar Kaur’s dim-witted hypocrisy, is being intolerant! Who says so? The Leftist cabal that enjoys all the benefits of the Indian state, including an Indian passport, and yet undermines every Indian institution by repeatedly lampooning everything Indian, says so.

Nothing brings out the hypocrisy in the media discourse, more than the radio silence on Roy Mathew’s alleged suicide. It would be more apt to call this a murder, as this young jawan was forced to take his life after learning that the had been secretly filmed by an attention-hungry, unethical reporter posing as a social worker. Again, nothing brings out the mala fide intent of the Leftist brigade more than the recent Ramjas row, where goons from the students’ wing of the CPI(M), known more for its vandalism than anything cerebral, molested and threatened young female students from the ABVP, another students’ outfit that has chosen to expose the anti-national narrative on campuses.

These Left-leaning students from radical outfits like the All India Students Association need to be told that the honest Indian tax-payer is not in a mood anymore to pay for the subsidies of these hooligans, masquerading as student activists. We want azadi from parasites who do not know the difference between nationalism and separatism, dissent and disintegration.

The Ramjas fracas has also exposed the hypocrisy of a well-known poet and lyricist, who trolled India’s pride — the Phogat sisters. And all this was done in the guise of ‘free speech’,while choosing to defend a 20-year old Left apologist who belittled her father’s martyrdom and insulted scores of Indian jawans who die defending their country at the borders — not because they chose war over peace but because they were martyred in the line of duty by a neighbouring terror-sponsoring state. The irony of the Ramjas row is that the entire Leftist cabal crawled out of the woodwork to support this ‘20 year old kid’  and her insensitive and insidious Facebook post, but not one of them had come out in support of women constables who were molested and beaten up during the shameful Azad Maidan incident in Mumbai in 2012, by a bunch of radical Muslims, under the aegis of an inept Congress-NCP State dispensation. As an Indian woman, at 20, if you are old enough to cast your vote, watch movies certified as ‘A’, have strong political leanings, how can you play victim as an innocent?

The real hero of the Ramjas row is not Gurmehar Kaur, who simply vanished after her 15 minutes of fame, but Pooja Kumari, the young, brave daughter of the Pathankot martyr, Lance Naik Moolraj. Pooja called out Gurmehar Kaur’s bluff by asking her to not insult the memories of slain martyrs, in the guise of free speech. Pooja Kumari is absolutely right when she drives home the pointed message that freedom is non-negotiable, with no ifs and buts.  

(The writer is chief spokesperson for the BJP, Mumbai)

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