Three years on, Modiji remains wildly popular

Sunday, 21 May 2017 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

The insurgent politics of 2014 that led to the Great Disruption unsettling the Commentariat, unnerving the Elite and demolishing the Establishment, has by now become the new normal Over the past week I ran two opinion polls on Twitter, the social media platform whose most prominent user in India, possibly across...

Strong nations don't whine, they punish remorselessly

Sunday, 07 May 2017 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

With the successful launch of the ‘Saarc Satellite’, India has solidified its position in the south Asian region and shown Pakistan its place. But this is not enough to make pay Pakistan for its misdeeds Setting out the broad parameters of his neighbourhood policy at the South Asian Association for Regional...

Let’s be clear: Modi Wave won't abate in near future

Sunday, 30 Apr 2017 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

Results of recent elections to State Assemblies and that of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi clearly indicate that the BJP, soaked in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s charisma, is unbeatable for now A few days before the Municipal Corporation of Delhi elections, Ajay Maken, Delhi Congress president and the man entrusted with...

How high are India’s ties with Bangladesh?

Sunday, 09 Apr 2017 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

India and Bangladesh share a certain warmth and proximity of minds. But that by itself does not amount to an extraordinarily special bilateral relationship, neither at the official nor at the popular level The boilerplate template that is used by our Foreign Office bureaucrats, and dutifully echoed by politicians in power...

Negotiating Ayodhya: A road to nowhere

Sunday, 26 Mar 2017 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

It is a terrible idea to go back to sitting across the table to untangle the Ayodhya dispute. The same points will meander their way through pointless chatter. This may sound like a cynical view, but it is not an invalid one In an amazingly bizarre twist to the seemingly endless...

‘New India' votes Modi, can BJP live up to hopes?

Sunday, 19 Mar 2017 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

There are a million explanations why a particular election went a certain way. The simplest, and possibly the most correct, explanation for the way Uttar Pradesh voted is that people chose to repose their trust in the Prime Minister Last Sunday, the day after the BJP swept the Uttar Pradesh Assembly...

Notebandi a non-issue as BJP sweeps local polls

Sunday, 26 Feb 2017 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

The larger point is the continuing decay and decline of India's only other (now increasingly notional) national party, as Rahul Gandhi leads it from disaster to unmitigated disaster. It voters are increasingly switching sides There was much excited chatter in Lutyens’s Delhi on how elections after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s bold...

Strategic partnership with UAE is India's moment

Sunday, 05 Feb 2017 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

Comprehensive Strategic Partnership with UAE is India's opportunity to forge a regional order that looks beyond a moribund SAARC weighed down by a cussed Pakistan, based on prosperity, stability and tolerance It's a tough choice to decide as to what is the most memorable sight in Abu Dhabi, the largest of...

Consumed by prejudices against the West, India

Sunday, 22 Jan 2017 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

It would be erroneous to trace the Muslim rage that we see to post-9/11 American policy and the war on terror waged by President George W Bush. It predates 9/11 and, according to a Muslim writer, has to do with Israel Strolling along a flagstoned Byzantine lane in the Arab quarter...

‘Problem is that other cultures want Islam to accept them ... Freedom for Muslims is not absolute, it is defined by Islam'

Sunday, 15 Jan 2017 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

Dr Abbas Shoman, deputy Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar, the world's oldest surviving university and global centre of Islamic theology, talks about Muslim Brotherhood, terrorism, Middle East in turmoil, Islam and democracy, and related contentious issues, in a conversation that happened in Cairo Al Azhar is the oldest Islamic seminary in...


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