Locating Bengaliness in the Whatsapp era of nothingness

Sunday, 20 Aug 2017 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

In an era of Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp, when attention span is restricted to a few seconds and wisdom is sought in bogus posts, it's unlikely today's young Bengalis plod their way through prose or poetry Puja Barshikis, annual literary magazines, showcasing the best Bengali writers and minds, released on the...

Congress pipe dream goes up in smoke

Sunday, 30 Jul 2017 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

Somebody in the Opposition party ought to stand up and tell Rahul Gandhi: “You have opted for politics, and politics is about power”. But the discredited palace retainers will not speak up So the Bihari, Nitish Kumar, has joined hands with the Bahari, Narendra Modi, of whom he spoke so savagely...

‘Maid in India’ episode is part of larger problem

Sunday, 16 Jul 2017 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

The number of illegal aliens grows, menacingly and threateningly, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and, if not “Attock to Cuttack”, a phrase recently used by the Prime Minister, then definitely from Mysuru to Malda This past week, India’s National Capital Region was witness to a first of its kind violent incident. A...

In 48 hours, Modi in Israel sets right 70 years of folly

Sunday, 09 Jul 2017 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

With Modi's visit to Israel, what little remained of the Nehruvian Consensus, moth-eaten and gnawed from within, has been discarded into the dustbin of history. From this point, India and Israel will travel together Jerusalem: History, it is often said, is written in stone and remains unchanged. That is, till history...

A Monsoon Requiem for Times Long Past

Sunday, 25 Jun 2017 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

Every time it rains in the hinterland of western Uttar Pradesh, where I now live, virtually on the edge of urban civilisation, I am reminded of the monsoon in Santiniketan. Memories come flooding in My grandfather, the grandson of Babu Durga Prasad Gupta, Dewan of Tripura State, died at a young...

The forests have been plundered and killed

Sunday, 11 Jun 2017 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

Apart from telling us that there's a bit of ‘Shutu' in each of us, Konkona Sen-Sharma’s ‘A Death in the Gunj' is a grim reminder of what we have done to our once pristine forests which have disappeared It’s not often one catches a good movie at the local multiplex where...

Six days that reshaped the Middle East 50 years ago

Sunday, 04 Jun 2017 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

Israel's stupendous military victory of 1967 that birthed innumerable legends and legendary heroes is only one part of the story of the Six Day War. The other is how the war changed the course of history forever Time flies at a speed faster than we realise. Monday, June 5, marks the...

Three years on, Modiji remains wildly popular

Sunday, 21 May 2017 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

The insurgent politics of 2014 that led to the Great Disruption unsettling the Commentariat, unnerving the Elite and demolishing the Establishment, has by now become the new normal Over the past week I ran two opinion polls on Twitter, the social media platform whose most prominent user in India, possibly across...

Strong nations don't whine, they punish remorselessly

Sunday, 07 May 2017 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

With the successful launch of the ‘Saarc Satellite’, India has solidified its position in the south Asian region and shown Pakistan its place. But this is not enough to make pay Pakistan for its misdeeds Setting out the broad parameters of his neighbourhood policy at the South Asian Association for Regional...

Let’s be clear: Modi Wave won't abate in near future

Sunday, 30 Apr 2017 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

Results of recent elections to State Assemblies and that of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi clearly indicate that the BJP, soaked in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s charisma, is unbeatable for now A few days before the Municipal Corporation of Delhi elections, Ajay Maken, Delhi Congress president and the man entrusted with...


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