India leads from front

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India leads from front

Swaraj's UN speech not just tore Pakistan apart but did so by showcasing India as a world power

The oratorical skills of External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj were in full play during her scintillating 22-minute speech at the UN General Assembly which signalled India's growing stature at the world level. Yes, Pakistan and its single-minded fuelling of terrorism was the moot point but the Minister addressed the global body as a global leader and not just as a representative of a regional power settling verbal scores with its unreasonable cross border foe. She juxtaposed her nation's development in areas like IT, science and education against Pakistan's total negation of them and its preference to engage all its force in continuously and erroneously raising the bogey of Kashmir. This, despite the Shimla Agreement that it was and will be a bilateral issue! She also talked of India's climate change concerns, the need for UN Security Council reforms, need for UN to root for a equitable planet, about global wars on disease and other such issues which went far beyond Pakistan and its rouge ventures impacting India. Specifically mentioning North Korea's nuclear test and its tie-up with Pakistan, Swaraj sought urgent and detailed probe into non-proliferation. In contrast to Swaraj's articulate, comprehensive and meaningful engagement on alarming issues concerning humanity at large, Pakistan continued to make a fool of itself, this time through its UN ambassador Maleeha Lodhi who shouted the roof down about purported atrocities in Jammu & Kashmir, passing off a blood-smeared Palestinian girl injured in an Israeli attack as one from J&K hit by pellets of security forces.

Much like in cricket and hockey, India has grown while Pakistan has imploded. Swaraj did not mention sports, but her pointed reply to all of Pakistan's groundless allegations over the decades, was a wonderful invocation of detailed and correct data showcasing India's progress and Pakistan's chaos. Indeed, while Pakistan struggles to search for sense in its banana republic, India has emerged as a global leader in industry, agriculture and other platforms. Swaraj was equally good in her address last year, but this time round, she made sure that she not only gave a befitting reply to Pakistan but did so by putting into focus India's emerging reputation among big nations. As her counterpart from across the border chanted the oft-repeated tune of accusing India of all that's actually bad in Pakistan, Swaraj was all about key challenges facing the globe, including the migration crisis, cyber-security issues as also the urgent need to arrive at a global consensus on the definition of terrorism. Now that Swaraj has brought to the fore India's big role on the international firmament, as opposed to merely countering Pakistan's rhetoric at the UN, it is high time India's world vision and its role as an emerging power in the international community is taken forward by her Government in a way that India gets under the limelight of a sane nation developing despite the insanity thrown at it from Pakistan.

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