Jan Raksha Yatra: Big blow to Left’s legacy of violence

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Jan Raksha Yatra: Big blow to Left’s legacy of violence

The BJP’s Jan Raksha Yatra is a blow to communist violence in Kerala. Equations are fast changing. Large number of people have come out to oppose the culture of political violence practiced by the CPI(M)

Fifty two-year-old CK Ramachandran, an auto driver and a prominent face of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) in Payyanur was killed on the night of July 7, 2016, when 50 Communist Party of India (Marxist) or CPI(M) goons surrounded his house, dragged him out, and hacked him to death. They also burnt and gutted nearby houses of those they considered to be RSS and BJP supporters, workers and sympathisers. To the messiahs of the proletariat, it did not matter that Ramachandran belonged to the marginalised section of society, it did not matter that he found empowerment and societal support, strength and direction through his association with the RSS, what mattered was that he dared to follow a different ideological path from theirs and, thus, had to be silenced and eliminated. Ramachandran had also taken a strong stand against the CPI(M) protected history-sheeter and gangster of Payyanur area one Dhanraj.

Under the CPI(M) development model, gangsters have a place of primacy. Whether it is West Bengal or Kerala, they play a unique and stellar role in seeing to it that the communist model of development is well implemented and very diligently followed. It is these gangsters; hordes of them, who sustain and nurture the communist model of development, watering its roots though a network of syndicates and commission agents.

As against the Gujarat model of development, the communist model of development is one of syndicatism, extortionism and based on violence. Both, West Bengal and Kerala, where the communist model had been or is still implemented, can become case studies for anyone interested in examining such a model. Thus, when the custodians of the communist movement in India, those leaders for whom addressing the full quorum of the Politbureau is seen as a mass meeting, castigate the Gujarat model of development, simply remember that they do it out of acute jealousy or to cleverly hide their own rotten syndicate model of development.

Each time the Left Democratic Front (LDF) came to power, gangster Dhanraj was given a free hand to run his racket, while the State and district administration looked the other way or facilitated his movements. Dhanraj was eventually killed in a turf tussle with the Social Democratic Party of India members, a political wing of the jihadi Popular Front of India (PFI). The communists led by Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, knowing well the background and reason of the murder, made it convenient to blame Dhanraj’s death on RSS members, thus fanning the flames of revenge which saw Ramachandran being killed. Such is the perfidious politics of death and of gore that the communists have practised in Kerala and in States in which they have been in power.

Ramachandran’s murder is one among hundred such incidents of terror that have occurred in Kerala. And yet, as BJP president Amit Shah observed, while flagging off the Jan Raksha Yatra and leading it from the front, the champions of human rights, who are ever ready to take out candle light marches; who are ever ready to protest and to cry hoarse over the so-called intolerance, have maintained a studied silence over these killings. In these murders, they connive through their silence.

Who, for example, among these professional protestors, have raised a banner against the manner in which seven-year-old Karthik of Irrity Taluka in Kannur district was brutalised by CPI(M) cadres on May 30, 2016, just because Karthik’s father Rahul and his mother Ramya had contested panchayat elections on a BJP ticket. Rahul narrates how on May 30, 2016, three CPI(M) goons barged into his house looking for him and in his absence attacked his son Karthik a class two student. The goons caught Karthik by his hair and banged his head to the wall. They did not stop at that and attacked the child with a knife gashing his left hand and inflicting severe injuries. A traumatised but defiant Karthik remained confined to his bed for one month. On their way out, the CPI(M) goons broke all windows and also burnt the furniture. One would almost feel that Karthik and Rahul lived in Pol Pot’s Cambodia or where caught in the throes of the so-called cultural revolution!

But human rights activists, five star activists, champions of the ‘Idea of India’ living abroad and pontificating from their sanitised Ivy League confines and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, India’s latest self-styled ‘liberator’, did not utter a word in solace for Karthik. Why would they, Karthik and his family are BJP supporters, that is reason enough to consign them to terror and to the dungeon! Similarly, they kept silent when Santosh, RSS Shakha Karyavah in the nearby area was attacked with steel rods by CPI(M) cadres. His knees were so badly damaged that Santosh had to spend 56 days in hospital and is unable to walk properly anymore.

As per these champions of human rights, Rahul, Ramya and Santosh have no human rights, they have no right to live with dignity and security, they have no right to practice their political or cultural faith just because they have the temerity to follow the BJP or the RSS, such is the communist democratic model being followed in Kerala and controlled from AKG Bhavan in New Delhi, implemented on the ground by that leader-of-violence by par excellence, Pinarayi Vijayan.

Just as the Jana Raksha Yatra entered its ninth day, news has come from the State of Sudheesh (38) a BJP worker in Kannur district, being brutally attacked in the afternoon of October 10 by a group of communist goons in Mathuni, in the Panoor police station area.

Sudheesh was beaten with iron rods, received severe injuries and is now admitted in the ICU at the Indira Gandhi Hospital in Kannur.  In the early hours of the next day, a country-made bomb was hurled at the BJP office of the Pattiam Panchayath Committee again in Kannur district. For those who have lived through communist rule in West Bengal such scenes and episodes are common and easily recognisable.

The ongoing Jan Raksha Yatra in the State being organised and led by the BJP is evoking a wide and resounding response. People, fed up with the cycle of communist violence and oppression, are joining it spontaneously and in large numbers. The equations on the ground are fast shifting, the culture of political violence as practised by the communists is being challenged and resisted.  The spirit of the land of Shankara and of Narayana Guru is being invoked and reclaimed. That is the deeper symbolism of this yatra, a symbolism that will eventually lead to a wider re-awakening and change.

(The writer is Director, Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation, New Delhi)

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