US read the script wrong, and acted

Wednesday, 11 Jun 2014 | Deepak Sinha | in Oped

America's release of five Taliban leaders in exchange for one of its troopers has grave implications for not just Afghan security but also the India-Pakistan dťtente The release of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, after nearly five years in Taliban custody, in exchange for five high-ranking Taliban prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay, created...

The ‚Äėhave gun, will shoot‚Äô mind

Wednesday, 11 Jun 2014 | Sankar Sen | in Oped

In the US, powerful pro-gun lobbies have repeatedly sabotaged every attempt by lawmakers to make the possession of guns more difficult. In India too, it’s not very difficult to secure a gun licence. This is a bad omen Lawmakers in California in the United States are now mulling stricter gun control...

Real problem lies elsewhere

Tuesday, 10 Jun 2014 | Abhijit Iyer-Mitra | in Oped

That the Prime Minister wants to condone bona fide mistakes is admirable. The issue is that the military, the civil defence bureaucracy and the foreign service are making mistakes that are not bona fide, and re-cycling failed dogma The past week we have been treated to reports of how our decade...

Pakistan's balancing act in West Asia

Tuesday, 10 Jun 2014 | TARUNI KUMAR | in Oped

It remains to be seen how effectively Islamabad works with both Iran and Saudi Arabia, now at each other’s throats, writes TARUNI KUMAR Saudi Arabia's recent $1.5 billion grant to Pakistan re-affirms the depth of the relationship that the two countries share. It has also brought into focus their expanding defence...

Secret world of our secretaries

Tuesday, 10 Jun 2014 | Kumar Chellappan | in Oped

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will have managed a huge achievement if he can turn around the functioning of the bureaucracy. The babus’ motto has been to do little work but profess the greatest commitment towards duty Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who criss-crossed the country in the run-up to the Lok Sabha...

Unleashing the animal spirits

Monday, 09 Jun 2014 | Arindam Chaudhuri | in Oped

There is confidence that the new Union Government will introduce changes which have the potential to transform the Indian economy. But, unless the structural pillars of this economy are re-engineered, we cannot have growth being equitably distributed Hhere is the second part on what else must Mr Modi do. (The first...

Beginning of the era of Asianism?

Monday, 09 Jun 2014 | Anirban Ganguly | in Oped

Prime Minister Modi’s trip to Japan could be more than a visit to a friendly nation. It has a potential to unlock civilisational synergies There is news that among his first visits abroad the Prime Minister of India has decided to include Japan. For those of us who wish to see...

More than just a sanitation issue

Monday, 09 Jun 2014 | Biswajeet Banerjee | in Oped

In Uttar Pradesh, and elsewhere in many parts of rural India, the lack of toilets at home has made life miserable for women. As recent developments show, this has also increased incidents of molestation and rape of women Two cousins in Uttar Pradesh were gang raped and then killed. It shows...

US catches a Tartar in China

Saturday, 07 Jun 2014 | S Rajagopalan | in Oped

Despite Chuck Hagel’s outburst and Chinese Deputy Army Chief Lieutenant-General Wang Guanzhong’s riposte in Singapore recently, experts do not really believe that the ties are about to unravel dangerously Seldom does one see America go with its guns blazing against an adversary as formidable as China from the platform of an...

Modi is welcome to the United States

Saturday, 07 Jun 2014 | G Balachandran | in Oped

But the pro forma invitations to Mr Modi to visit Washington are really meaningless unless the issue of his lifetime ban on entry to the US as a private citizen is resolved Although no official announcement has been made by either side so far, it is learnt that Prime Minister Modi...


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