Imperfect, but not all that terrible

Monday, 05 Aug 2013 | Gwynne Dyer | in Oped

Monogamy has been the subject of many discussions and debates among experts who strive to understand how the concept attracted the human species Science writer Matt Ridley once described the human mating system as “monogamy plagued by adultery”, which sounds a little judgemental. Perhaps we should just agree that we are...

The growing intolerance within

Monday, 05 Aug 2013 | Abhijit Bhattacharyya | in Oped

The recent controversy over Nobel laureate Amartya Sen's remarks point to a dangerous trend where contrary views have no place. But Sen should also have been careful with his statement, writes Abhijit Bhattacharyya Even as the dust begins to settle on the brouhaha created over Nobel laureate Amartya Sen’s controversial statement...

It's 2013 and BJP is still about riots

Saturday, 03 Aug 2013 | Udayan Namboodiri | in Oped

It must be exhausting battling the secular-communal labelwallahs, but isn't it time the admirers of Narendra Modi looked inwards to ponder why they permitted the Congress to brush aside its responsibility for not just 1984 but dozens of other wrongs? BJP spokespersons who demand TV anchors stop portraying Narendra Modi in...

Modi wave will yield results

Saturday, 03 Aug 2013 | Sanjay Kaul | in Oped

National projections based on notional presuppositions hardly erode Narendra Modi’s acceptability, whatever the gentlemen psephologists would like us to believe Going by the spate of opinion polls about election outcomes, one would believe that elections are already upon us. Going by the spate of populist bills and decisions being rushed through,...

Where is NaMo mania in the south?

Saturday, 03 Aug 2013 | Kestur Vasuki | in Oped

The Telengana announcement has dealt a body blow to the BJP’s prospects in Andhra Pradesh; in Maharashtra aligning with MNS means wipeout in UP; in Karnataka it’s Yeddy or nothing and as for Tamil Nadu and Kerala — forget it Torrential monsoon rains down the Vindhyas produces a discernible clamor...

Sahara, Sebi and the Court

Friday, 02 Aug 2013 | Arindam Chaudhuri | in Oped

The manner in which the market regulator has treated the Sahara Group is not only in violation of the laws of the land but also sets a bad precedent for India’s capital markets. The Supreme Court must intervene In April this year, I had written on how various points in a...

Compensation alone won’t do

Friday, 02 Aug 2013 | Anuradha Dutt | in Oped

While curbing the rampant sale of acid, the state must also take the onus of rehabilitating the victims Economic reforms and greater social licence have not served to dilute the misogynistic attitudes that largely define gender relationships here. Two decades ago, before the foisting of the neo-liberal social and development module,...

Telangana may trigger more statehood demands

Friday, 02 Aug 2013 | Kalyani Shankar | in Oped

While there could be a case for creation of smaller States, the decision on a new State is a gamble which might just boomerang on the Congress The people of the backward Telangana region have realised their 60-year dream, while the prosperous Andhra region has lost out. After years of...

Big Army isn’t always the best

Thursday, 01 Aug 2013 | Pravin Sawhney | in Oped

Mere plugging of operational gaps by adding troops like with the proposed mountain strike corps is not the answer. What the Indian Army is doing is bean-counting of assets, and attempting as a wrong policy to match division for division China’s PLA The Cabinet Committee on Security has cleared the formation...

India must advance its core interests

Thursday, 01 Aug 2013 | Hiranmay Karlekar | in Oped

New Delhi’s first objective must be to ensure the consolidation, not just the survival, of the Karzai regime or its legitimate successor in Afghanistan Three developments that occurred last week deserve attention. These were: Members of the Afghan Parliament voting for an impeachment motion for the dismissal of the country's Minister...


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