Giving the agents of change their due

Tuesday, 07 Mar 2017 | Archana Jyoti | in Oped

The NDA has the required numbers in Lok Sabha to pass the women’s reservation Bill. In Rajya Sabha, it will get Opposition support. Why the delay, then? When over 6,000 women sarpanchas from across the country gather at Gujarat's Gandhinagar to attend a national conference on Women's International Day on...

‘Affordable healthcare is priority’

Tuesday, 07 Mar 2017 | Sangeeta Yadav | in Oped

Dr PN Arora, MD, Yashoda Hospital, says the Government's initiative of slashing stent prices by 85 per cent was a long-awaited measure which will benefit the masses and make healthcare affordable to all. Excerpts of the interview: What’s trending in the medical field these days? The latest development is the Government’s move...

Rise of partisan politics in BMC

Monday, 06 Mar 2017 | Priyadarshi Dutta | in Oped

There was a time when those who headed the BMC, had also been Congress presidents. Those were the days when elections were not conducted on party lines. Today, the corporation has been more in the news for party politics than for municipal issues at stake It is a pity that the...

Making digitisation a social reality

Monday, 06 Mar 2017 | Vinayshil Gautam | in Oped

To make digitisation a success, it must be adopted as a thought, as a service, as a product at the micro level by individuals and at a more evolved level by communities The media, the Government and the market is buzzing with talks of digitisation. Preparedness for it seems to...

Healthy diet with a pinch of salt

Monday, 06 Mar 2017 | Karan Thakur | in Oped

The emerging need to manage diet, and more specifically sugars, salt and processed foods, is a challenge in India. Sources like these remain hidden and we must be aware and informed prior to making our dietary choices A recent study by the George Institute for Global Health has made some startling...

Marine Le Pen redefining populist politics in France

Saturday, 04 Mar 2017 | Makhan Saikia | in Oped

National Front’s leader’s picturisation of France as a country weakened by both bureaucrats and burqas can impress many, but not beyond a point. Marine Le Pen has an edge, but she should not expect more. It would be worth watching how she scores in the French presidential elections Populism in France...

US-Mexico ties: The road ahead

Saturday, 04 Mar 2017 | Manan Dwivedi | in Oped

It was through the 1965 Immigrant Act that the floodgates were slightly opened for a larger influx of foreigners inside the American territorial space President Donald J Trump has embarked on a quintessential presidential trajectory of legitimate legislative Bills along with executive orders of the amplificatory genre. He has also unequivocally...

Latin America out of bounds for environmentalists!

Saturday, 04 Mar 2017 | Anjana Hazarika | in Oped

As there are abundant natural resources in South America, these have attracted all types of people, starting from multinationals to the mafias to the region. The right to land and the natural resources of the indigenous people’s of the region demands an urgent protection Latin America, encompassed by its pampa grasslands,...

Shrewd diplomacy is way ahead

Thursday, 02 Mar 2017 | Pravin Sawhney | in Oped

Prime Minister Modi must seriously consider attending the proposed One Belt One Road summit. This could open up new vistas for improved relations with Pakistan and China, and show a way forward for India to become a leading power Since relations between India and China have hit a serious roadblock, the...

Losing ground, but learning no lesson

Thursday, 02 Mar 2017 | Vijender Gupta | in Oped

The Opposition is still hoping the demonetisation move will brighten their electoral chances. It hasn’t happened in local body elections, where the BJP has done well The stunning victory registered by the BJP in the Maharashtra civic body polls has reinstated the need to alter the political narrative set off against...