Legacy challenges for online video

Tuesday, 22 Aug 2017 | Vivan Sharan Yash Bajaj | in Oped

As Indian consumers find themselves in a technologically converged digital world, it is clear that legacy content will not satiate the growing appetite for niche and differentiated content On January, Netflix reportedly streamed more than 250 million hours of content to its subscribers across the world on a single day. To...

The new shoot and scoot weapon

Tuesday, 22 Aug 2017 | Kumar Chellappan | in Oped

Manik Sarkar must read history and also the manuals of AIR and Doordarshan before making unsubstantiated allegations against public broadcaster, Prasar Bharati Manik Sarkar, the Chief Minister of Tripura, has alleged that Prasar Bharati, the public broadcaster of India, blacked out his Independence Day message to the people of the State....

A luxury drive towards growth

Tuesday, 22 Aug 2017 | ROLAND FOLGER | in Oped

Luxury car business in India needs to be nurtured and allowed to grow in a relaxed taxation environment to raise overall standards, exceed customer expectations, bring increased revenues, augment employment generation, contribute to the GDP and bring environment friendly, world-class technologies The Indian automotive industry requires a clearly mapped, bump-free route...

Think now | Neil Gaiman M Is for Magic

Tuesday, 22 Aug 2017 | Pioneer | in Thoughts

Stories you read when you're the right age never quite leave you. You may forget who wrote them or what the story was called. Sometimes you'll forget precisely what happened, but if a story touches you it will stay with you, haunting the places in your mind that you rarely...

Investing in honeybees for a sweet revolution

Monday, 21 Aug 2017 | VK Saxena | in Edit

India is fortunate to have four species of honeybees. By adopting a strategy to increase the number of honeybee colonies, it can become a major producer and exporter of honey and beeswax Always on the lookout for innovative ideas to change the face of the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently...

A better metro policy?

Monday, 21 Aug 2017 | Pioneer | in Edit

Government has taken a smart move by insisting on private participation in metro projects The success of the Delhi metro, with its impressive construction schedule and implementation, led to rush among many Indian cities to build their own rapid transit systems. After years of delays, the lack of public transportation infrastructure...

Back to county cricket

Monday, 21 Aug 2017 | Pioneer | in Edit

BCCI has done well to allow Indian cricketers participate in English county championship While some cricket fans are aghast at the thought of ace-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin being rested from the One-Day International team and being allowed to go to England to play for Worcestershire in the county game, it appears...

Doklam: A bitter pill for China

Monday, 21 Aug 2017 | Yusuf T Unjhawala | in Oped

Certainly, a India-China war is not on the cards. The use of military force requires tactical and strategic objectives to achieve targets. Besides, geo-political implications too have to be considered The Doklam stand-off between India and China is close to two months but there is still no solution in sight, as...

Taming the monster of rail accidents

Monday, 21 Aug 2017 | RC Acharya | in Oped

Even as there has been a slight decline in the number of train accidents after implementation of a series of safety measures, more needs to be done Twenty-five students died and several others suffered injuries when a school bus was hit by a passenger train at an unmanned railway level crossing...

Gorakhpur and the missing health cadre

Monday, 21 Aug 2017 | Karan Thakur | in Oped

If India has to ensure that no more Gorakhpur-like incidents happen, the establishment of a professionally and prudently run health system must be the first step in this direction. Equally, it is important have a roadmap on the creation, delineation of roles and deployment mechanism The heart-wrenching tragedy that continues to...


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