Ship that carries nation’s pride

Tuesday, 06 Aug 2013 | Abhijit Iyer-Mitra | in Oped

Given the quantum leaps in power that aircraft carriers bring, the reaction to their deployment is usually a very good gauge of one's friends and adversaries. Watch out for the Chinese and the Pakistani media when India launches INS Vikrant August 12 will see the launch of India’s first indigenous...

Many fiscal potholes in the road

Tuesday, 06 Aug 2013 | Shivaji Sarkar | in Oped

The fight for resuscitating the rupee has to come from strengthening the domestic sector. China and Japan have managed to keep their currencies high because of strong fundamentals The latest Reserve Bank of India assessment of the economy is scary not because it shows the economy touching new lows, but because...

Think Now | Bhagavad Gita

Tuesday, 06 Aug 2013 | Pioneer | in Thoughts

Freedom from activity is never achieved by abstaining from action. Nobody can become perfect by merely ceasing to act. A man who renounces certain physical actions but still lets his mind dwell on the objects of his sensual desire, is deceiving himself. He is a hypocrite. The truly admirable man...

Country will pay for Congress’s myopia

Tuesday, 06 Aug 2013 | A Surya Prakash | in Edit

Jawaharlal Nehru rejected the Justice Fazal Ali Commission Report in 1955, and Sonia Gandhi rejected the Justice Srikrishna Committee Report in 2013. The net result is a mess in the name of Telangana With every opinion poll predicting the downfall of the Congress in the next Lok Sabha election and its...

Proud moment for India

Tuesday, 06 Aug 2013 | Pioneer | in Edit

Now, build on junior women’s hockey success A bronze medal brings cheer but not effusive jubilation. But the victory of India's junior women’s hockey team in this year's World Cup in Monchengladbach, Germany, is worth its weight in gold. On Sunday, the young team defeated its counterpart from England, 3-2, on...

They do not walk the talk

Tuesday, 06 Aug 2013 | Pioneer | in Edit

Sonia, Rahul have shown up the least in House Given that the Congress often berates the Opposition for disrupting Parliament and mocks it for showing disregard to the House, it needs to explain the pathetically low attendance that two of its tallest leaders have clocked in the temple of democracy. Since...

Moderates’ moment to reclaim Islam

Monday, 05 Aug 2013 | Balbir Punj | in Edit

Across the world from Turkey to Egypt to Pakistan, Islamists are on the rise. But as the Arab Spring at its peak proved, they can be pushed back if liberals and civil society leaders stand up to them A world troubled by extremist Islam is watching Egypt’s streets and squares with...

No intent to free CBI

Monday, 05 Aug 2013 | Pioneer | in Edit

UPA regime wants the parrot to remain caged After a series of raps on its knuckle by the Supreme Court, the Congress-led UPA Government had made a show of wanting to give greater functional freedom to the Central Bureau of Investigation. It even drafted an affidavit that is supposed to work...

Desist from stoking fires

Monday, 05 Aug 2013 | Pioneer | in Edit

Hate campaign in statehood’s name is not done With a separate State of Telangana now on the anvil, similar long-standing demands for statehood have expectedly gained momentum across the country. Emotions are running high, there is shrill political sloganeering and the situation is ripe for a law and order crisis. In...

Not merely a crisis of identity

Monday, 05 Aug 2013 | Hari Om | in Oped

The demand of the people of Jammu province for a separate State is genuine, given that the Congress-backed Kashmiri leadership has reduced them to being a non-entity, neglected and discriminated against in their own land Jammu province and Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir were perhaps the only regions in the country...


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