Mumbai awaits justice

Sunday, 01 Dec 2013 | Utpal Kumar | in Backbone

Five years after 26/11, India remains indifferent, and Pakistan unrepentant. Can the country afford this? Wednesday, November 26, 2008, 8 pm. Ten assailants with 10 AK-47s, 10 pistols, and a sizeable stock of ammunition came via sea to take on the world’s fourth-largest city. “Surprise will get you in and fear...

Law? But that’s for others, not Lutyens’s Delhi

Sunday, 01 Dec 2013 | Kanchan Gupta | in Coffee Break

Shaming and shunning does not happen among Delhi’s elite. They never disown their own. It’s only a matter of time before Tarun Tejpal is back in business and to being a toast of the chattering classes Lawyers and students of law would know better, but I can’t recall any anticipatory...

It’s time to make friends and win allies

Sunday, 01 Dec 2013 | Hari shankar vyas | in GupShup

The Congress is set to change it team of spokespersons. Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, half a dozen spokespersons might be appointed and around a dozen leaders fielded to put across the party’s views on television. Apart from posting a new female face, the party has also trained some...

Dalits exiting Dalit markers

Sunday, 01 Dec 2013 | CHANDRA BHAN PRASAD | in GupShup

The culinary landscape in eastern Uttar Pradesh has changed significantly with Dalits shunning food practices traditionally associated with the underclass There can be no greater happiness than visiting the countryside these days. Happiness, because Dalits are increasingly exiting markers that were associated with the underclass and, most certainly, the Dalits. Caste...

BJP has the highest stake in these polls

Sunday, 01 Dec 2013 | Swapan Dasgupta | in Usual Suspects

By next Sunday afternoon the country will begin the process of digesting the results of the Assembly elections in five States. Although the results will include the verdict of Mizoram, the greatest attention will be on the four States of northern and central India where the principal battle is between...

It’s thoroughly illegal, savage and pointless

Saturday, 30 Nov 2013 | Hiranmay Karlekar | in Edit

The silly demand of councillors from the Mandya municipality in Karnataka that community dogs must be relocated far from the town and in a forest, needs to be severely condemned In March 2007, Mandya, near Mysore in Karnataka, shot into infamy for the savage manner in which community dogs, labelled pejoratively...

Friends come closer

Saturday, 30 Nov 2013 | Pioneer | in Edit

Full potential of India-Japan ties still untapped There are heads of state and then there are those who are ‘symbols of the state'. The Emperor and Empress of Japan belong to the latter. They do not govern the country but reign over their people, who do not elect them or even...

Saga of shame continues

Saturday, 30 Nov 2013 | Pioneer | in Edit

Assam case shows women remain largely unsafe With the Tarun Tejpal case hogging much of the limelight, the vicious attack on a woman in Assam's Lakhimpur district a week ago has received scant attention. Indeed, it would have gone largely unnoticed had locals not protested strongly by blocking National Highway 52...

Nepal voters are disenchanted with Maoists

Saturday, 30 Nov 2013 | Post Bahadur Basnet | in Oped

A decade after the Maoist-led insurgency that left 16,000 dead in the Himalayan nation, the results of the Constituent Assembly elections show that the nouveau riche Maoists have lost appeal among the poor and lower middle-class which were their support base in 2008 polls Most of the spin doctors in Nepal...

Prachanda’s chips down but India shouldn’t write him off’

Saturday, 30 Nov 2013 | Ashok K Behuria | in Oped

Even when they were in power, the Maoists considerably shed their animosity towards India. Now it is incumbent upon its giant southern neighbour to reciprocate and help the Maoists’ take the process of democratic transition forward The second Constituent Assembly elections in Nepal are finally over proving all skeptics wrong. Even...


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