Schools must teach lessons on safety

Thursday, 03 Oct 2013 | Meeta W Sengupta | in Oped

There must be sensible processes that allow people to concentrate on value-added work without having to look over the shoulder for all manners of crises We stop noticing things that we see everyday. That can be the only explanation for the pathetic lack of safety awareness in most of our schools,...

Climate change remains a threat

Thursday, 03 Oct 2013 | Kota Sriraj | in Oped

Across the world, the common man has become less serious about global warming because vested interests have muddied the narrative. But India must stay focussed on developing alternative energy sources The Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change released its report last week. Prepared by Government representatives from 195 UN member...

Think Now | Kabir, Sufi poet

Thursday, 03 Oct 2013 | Pioneer | in Thoughts

There is no river at all, and no boat, and no boatman. There is not even a rope to tow the boat, and no one to pull it. There is no earth, no sky, no time, no thing, no shore, no ford You keep the fast to please Allah, but...

Pilot’s Vodafone Act on Auditors

Wednesday, 02 Oct 2013 | Rohit Bansal | in Business

When Vodafone whipped Finance Ministry in the Supreme Court, Pranab Mukherjee, the then FM amended the law– retrospectively. Not as a ‘one-off’, mind you. That year’s budget packed about 30 retrospective changes. Result? Investor confidence took a body blow, new investments put on hold, and India scored a self goal....

Going round in circles, with nothing to show

Wednesday, 02 Oct 2013 | Ashok K Mehta | in Edit

India must talk to Pakistan, because dialogue is the only way forward. But there is no hope of getting the desired results if New Delhi is armed with a toothpick. It must talk from a position of strength Of the 16 summits he has held in the past 10 years with...

The communal agenda

Wednesday, 02 Oct 2013 | Pioneer | in Edit

Shinde’s diktat is plain minority appeasement The Congress-led UPA Government does not believe in placing limits to minority appeasement. The more brazen the act the happier the regime is. Constitutional propriety can be sacrificed at the altar of vote-bank politics and divisive tendencies can be condoned in the name of secularism....

Hold back the celebration

Wednesday, 02 Oct 2013 | Pioneer | in Edit

Normal Iran-US ties are still some time away Just how difficult it is going to be for Iran's President Hassan Rouhani to write a new chapter in Iran-US relations has become evident by the hard stance that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has taken on the issue. It is a chilling...

Tiny species, massive footprint

Wednesday, 02 Oct 2013 | Gautam Pandey | in Oped

Humans have made a huge impact on environment, and with a population of billions, it’s easy to understand why. Ants, which outnumber humans one to a million and outweigh the combined weight of all ground living vertebrates by four times, play a crucial role too Of all the creatures in the...

Nonsense and fit to be torn up

Wednesday, 02 Oct 2013 | Rajesh Singh | in Edit

Has Rahul Gandhi’s insult helped the Prime Minister’s image? Many people have now begun to sympathise with Manmohan Singh. A new take in a lighter vein: Conventional wisdom is that Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has humiliated Prime Minister Manmohan Singh by calling the Government's ordinance on convicted lawmakers “nonsense” and...

Understanding the Mahatma

Wednesday, 02 Oct 2013 | Vivek Shukla | in Oped

More than a hundred years after the first book on Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was published, the man who preached peace and non-violence continues to fascinate historians, journalists and his descendants alike The life and times of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi continues to fascinate writers even 65 years after his demise. Historians, academics...


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