Congress’ downfall

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Sir — This refers to the article, “Failing the tests of political leadership” (October 7) by Anirban Ganguly. Judging from the Congress vice president’s relentless targeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Government, at home and abroad, one will not hesitate to endorse the writer’s charge that Rahul Gandhi has become a “political separatist... pretending to be a liberator of India”. 
The other day, the Congress scion childishly suggested that since Prime Minister Modi has failed in his promises to provide jobs and improve the economy, he should hand over the 
governance to him and his party and he would set them right “within six months”. 
His critics asked him why he did not achieve that goal when his party, was in power from 2004 to 2014, under the leadership of his mother and he himself until Modi’s victory in the general election? 
Why has his grand old party of the freedom movement been reduced from over 400 seats during his father Rajiv Gandhi’s prime ministership to just about 10 per cent in the last elections? 
Even in the recent State elections, except  Punjab that the Congress won, Rahul Gandhi was no where in picture. He badly lost even in his home State of Uttar Pradesh.


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