A man with mission to provide free healthcare to displaced population

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The post closure of mines and its consequences has taken its toll on the people who live there. The story of Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) in Karnataka is no exception and the population is facing all sorts of problem, including health, which has taken a major beating with cyanide dumps all around. The KGF, which was closed in 2001, is a clear example of trauma of a population in modern India who has been victims of its glitter. The closure led to losing of jobs for over one lakh people and their families who are living in this town amidst cyanide dumps, which is now a favorite spot for the film shooting. KGF known as the golden dust bowl now stands mute witness to the trauma of a population.

But a doctor in KGF is a ray of hope for the displaced population. His mission is to provide free healthcare to the displaced population, who need medical care the most. For the past two decades, Dr B Rajendra Kumar, who was a medical officer in the Bharat Goldmines Hospital, has changed the healthcare concept of the population with his most modern approach to find answer to all illness faced by the people who were working in the gold fields.

Dr Rajendra Kumar opens his hospital at 5 in the morning with hundreds of patients queuing up for treatment. His hospital run by charity has qualified medical and paramedical staff to take care of the need of the patients. From MRI scanning, all pathological tests are available under one roof. Dr Kumar feels that it was his mission to provide healthcare to the displaced population. 

He said “I have been treating the displaced population here in KGF for over 25 years. I have seen them facing lot of problems and health is a major issue with them. The hospital is  run by a trust and we don’t charge anything from the workers of the gold mines. Everyday hundreds of them come here to take medicine.”

Dr Rajendra Kumar has evolved many unique methods to take healthcare to them. He runs free clinics around the  town near a temple, mosque and a church to reach out to the displaced families.  His mission for over twenty five years has been reaching the have-nots. Dr Rajendra Kumar, a cardiologist, uses most modern gadgets to treat his patients. He is one of the very few doctors in the country to implant a chip to anlayse the blood sugar with the help of internet and GPRS. He records the sugar level online and advice the patients about what has to be done. He strongly advocates using technology to reach the people who are in need of healthcare. He wants Government Hospitals also too use internet and other technology to reach out to  the population who are in need of health care.

 For 70-year-old Selva a patient regularly takes treatment for his heart ailment Dr. Rajendra Kumar was a living God. He adores him and says he has saved thousands of poor families who do not afford treatment at all.

“I have been coming here for years.  He is God to me. He has saved people like me who has got nothing. I am alive today because of him,” said Selva.



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