CM hails record AP air traffic growth

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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu expressed satisfaction over the record growth of air traffic to the State which indicates the boost of economic activities in ascending manner.

Airports across the State have shown an overall growth of 16%, as compared to last year. It had 15.05 lakh passengers in April-August 2016, and has already recorded 17.42 lakh passengers this year. From October, non-stop Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) flights will commence from Visakhapatnam to Jagdalpur and from Kadapa to Vijayawada. Zoom Air has proposed operations on Delhi-Pune-Vijayawada-Mumbai-Vijayawada-Pune-Surat-Delhi from this October. The Government is currently pursuing the slot at Mumbai airport for Zoom Air and SpiceJet. The Principle Secretary to Energy, I&I, CRDA Ajay Jain briefed the CM about the growth of the Sector.

The Chief Minister encouraged the officials, “A high air connectivity also results in significant economic growth.”

Under RCS, Kadapa is connected to Hyderabad and will be connected to Vijayawada (by TruJet) and Chennai (by TruJet and Air Odisha) from this October. Also, Visakhapatnam will be connected to Jagdalpur by Air Odisha.

International operations are pending at Tirupati and Vijayawada. The Customs & Immgirations have been approved and the airlines companies need to be finalised soon.

The progress of Orvakallu Airport Project is moving consistently forward, and is expected to be completed by June 2018.

The Chief Minister suggested that an airport near Anantapur will be a good idea, because of better connectivity to Amaravati and Bangalore.

The ports traffic in all the AP ports have witnessed an overall growth of 8%.

While reviewing the progress on the infrastructure, the CM suggested to speed up the performance. Principle Secretary Ajay Jain informed to CM about the Tenders, for the Natural Gas pipeline from Kakinada to Visakhapatnam for 180 km, were received from 4 qualified bidders. Orders for supply of other major items, land permissions and permissions from R&B are in progress, he said, The laying of the pipeline will commence next month, and will be completed by December 2018. He also informed about 12 waste-to-energy plants with a total capacity of 70 MW have been commissioned and awarded, and land is provided for all plants.

The Chief Minister also reviewed the progress on the Logistics and Energy Universities in Kakinada and Anantapur respectively.

AP State Fibernet to Start on October

Ajay Jain reported that the Chief Minister's target of 1 lakh boxes by the end of this month. AP Fiber will commence full functioning in October. 51,810 IPTV boxes have been received so far, 20,000 have arrived in Hyderabad, 10,000 are in Chennai awaiting customs clearance and 30,000 will be delivered by the end of this month. By March 2018, 9,40,000 boxes will have arrived. On 8th September, Zee TV channels have been launched, and the target of 500 channels will soon be achieved.

Science City, Tirupati

SpaceAce Architects, Planners and Designers presented their proposal for Science City in Tirupati to the CM.  In their designs, there will be seven museums, representing the seven hills and paying a tribute to seven of the best architects in the world.

The seven museums will be: Museum of Arts & Science, Museum of Air, Space & Defense, Children's Museum, Media Museum, Museum of Transport, Museum of Human Evolution & Anthropology and Indoor Rainforest & Museum of Biodiversity.



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