Controversy on #BlockNarendra Modi vicious: BJP

| | New Delhi

BJP has trashed the controversy regarding #BlockNarendraModi as 'mischievous and contorted'

In a statement,  Amit Malviya, the national head  of the BJP's Information & Technology Department said, "PM following someone is not a character certificate of a person and is not in anyway a guarantee of how a person would conduct himself."

Malviya also pointed out  how PM Modi uses the platform to engage with the masses and said  that he is a "rare leader who truly believes in freedom of speech and has never blocked or unfollowed anyone."

Taking a dig at the Opposition, the statement added, , "PM also follows Rahul Gandhi, who is accused in loot and fraud. PM also follows Arvind Kejriwal, who abused him on Twitter and told a woman 'settle kar lo' when she complained a party member molesting her."



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