Defeating BJP main agenda for CPI(M)

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After lengthy debates and brainstorming sessions, the CPI(M) on Tuesday decided that defeating the BJP is its main agenda but without any electoral alliance with the Congress - a line mooted by the former party chief Prakash Karat. Incidentally, the current CPI (M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury had advocated an alliance with the Congress but he could not have his way.

The draft resolution, released on Tuesday, will be presented in the forthcoming party congress.  But there was an immediate voice of dissent from the Left quarters with CPI leader D Raja terming the draft resolution as "self contradictory."

The draft talks of engaging with all "secular democratic" parties except entertaining "bourgeois" Congress and underlined the fact that it is "imperative" for the Left party to defeat the BJP to isolate the communal forces.

"It is imperative to defeat the BJP Government in order to isolate the Hindutva communal forces and reverse the anti- people economic policies. Thus the main task is to defeat the BJP and the allies by rallying all the secular and democratic forces. However, this has to be done without having an understanding or electoral alliance with the Congress party," the draft says.

The draft also highlighted that the party will try to bring all left and democratic forces together on a concrete programme to conduct a united struggle and joint movements through which the Left and democratic front can emerge. The CPI(M) has criticised the Congress and the BJP for being the political representatives of the big bourgeoisie in the country and said that the party cannot have a tactical line which treats them as allies or partners in a united front.

The Left party, however, noted that since the BJP is in power, it remains the main threat for the Left party and thus the CPI(M) cannot have a political line of treating both the BJP and the Congress as "equal dangers". However CPI(M) agreed for the making alliance with Congress in Parliament on raising issues on case to case baisis.

Reacting to the big brother's draft, D Raja said it was "impossible" to maximise rallying anti-BJP votes without any understanding with the largest opposition party Congress. He said it was not possible for Left and democratic forces to defeat the BJP all alone, without the Congress.

"The tactical line of the CPI(M) is self-contradictory. If they want to maximise the pooling of anti-BJP votes without any understanding with the Congress, that is not possible. How can they say that they want to defeat the BJP but not have any understanding with the largest opposition party Congress," Raja wondered.



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